Matched Watch

My husband bought me a new wrist watch last June when he was here. I really wanted to have a wrist watch that doesn’t give up easily, the one that I bought since it is very cheap. It was damaged right away after a month of using it. Now my husband surprised me with another wrist watch again, this time it is a match. There’s a bigger wrist watch that is for him and a small one that is for me and we will be wearing it at the same time on a special occasion, maybe on our wedding anniversary, which will happen very soon. I am so excited to wear the wristwatch with a match of his wristwatch. My husband is really making up for me and the kids for a long absence, maybe nearly 3 years that we were separated by continents and seas now he is with us here finally although he still have to go back to the states for next month for another eye check-up and varicose veins laser operation.

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P Cardin Watch

 photo HPIM0795_zps4d0ba113.jpg

Yes this is the watch that includes the set of jewelry that my husband gave me; I always wear this one everyday even when I was still working. The previous one that I just bought, I gave it to my niece so she has a watch to wear. My husband really knows how to choose gifts for his wife because I so love it. Thank you honey for the never ending love you showed me, even when miles apart and after so many years you still love me unconditionally.

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Sketcher Is Lost

I am so disappointed when I learned that the Sketchers Wrist Watch of Mj is lost. The last time I’ve seen her wore the wrist watch was during her recital and then after that, I didn’t saw her wearing the wrist watch anymore. We tried to look for it the entire house but to my dismay, the wrist watch didn’t show up. I even helped looking the next day after I work but we still did not find it. I am so tired and disappointed, Mj keeps on telling me that she just put it in the pocket of the cover of our refrigerator but after like days she could not find it there. It was a gift from me and her Daddy last Christmas and now we could not find it at all. Who took it? I don’t know nor did she really place it on the washing machine? I don’t know as well.

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My Cheap Watch

My other watch was busted and it has been a while since I didn’t wear any wrist watch and mind you I don’t like the feeling that when you look at your wrist you can’t find any watch there and you would end up asking the person beside you the time. So I guess it’s about time to buy a new wristwatch for myself. My husband bought a very nice wristwatch for me but it is still not on my hand for now, as he said he would bring that when he gets here and until now he is still not here, lol duh sigh, whatever!

Moreover I found this wristwatch for only P99.00, I bought it right away. It is absolutely so cheap, I hope it would last but if it won’t, oh well it is still okay for me, it is only P99.00 anyway. So it doesn’t matter at all, I will not cry a river, that’s for sure.

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