From Houston Texas

I just got a message from my friend in Texas if I was able to get the gift from her. She sent it through her sister who’s the son is the team mate of my daughter. Since I got too busy last December, I didn’t mind to get it from her sister until her sister message me recently and agreed to see each other in the club house. I was surprise to get this shirt I asked from her few months ago. I thought she would bring it with her when she will be here. Yes she promised to get the same shirt that she wore when she watched football in Texas. Thank you gurl for this gift I just love it and I love the color, it is my favorite ever.

 photo 10370969_10205215110873451_1547656589660252688_n_zpsf7d610bd.jpg

And this is my friend from last year when she watched football with her husband.

 photo 1013480_10201427249315933_498197326_n_zpsd99a0872.jpg

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