We Ended Buying It

Last Friday, after we got my medical result, we roamed around the mall because my eldest daughter to check for a pair of sandal since she will attend a debut party of her best friend on April 13th. I only let her check and told her that we can buy it today yet because my budget was not for a pair of sandal on that day. But on Saturday, I was able to find out that I still have extra money for the pair of sandal she has been eyeing with. She is worried that somebody will take it if we won’t get it right away. So when I found that I still have extra, I told her that we would go back last Saturday to buy it. She could not contain her happiness when she learned we will be able to buy it.

The original price of this semi gladiator sandal was about P 1, 600 but they have it on sale till last for only P 800. 00. It was indeed a great deal and besides this one has double purpose. Mj can use it on her best friend’s debut party and then after I can borrow it at work. It’s a win win!

On the other hand while she was checking what to wear last Friday, we went to this small shop along Roxas, she said they sell a very affordable clothes, she thought to get something there for the party but she was not sure if those can be wear during debut. She picked a strap top and a long skirt but she’s having second thoughts, she’s worried that they would require them to wear something casual or a long gown. So instead of her to supposedly purchase something, oh well when I checked around I was able to find this shirt.


What I like this blouse is that it is somewhat lose, it helps my belly not to get too obvious, and it is cotton so with the dreading hot of summer, this would makes me feel so cool plus it is very cheap. This only cost P 170. 00.

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Discount From A Not So Big Store

Darn it!

I was not able to work last night due to dysmenorrhea, mine is actually weird the pain is in the back below the waistline and I could not even walk, I stayed in my bed for almost the whole day and almost the whole night too. So when I got up this morning, my head is heavy. I still felt in the back but I can now move around. On the other hand, this is my latest haul; I bought this pair of jeans on February when I felt the need to buy a pair jeans. Of course when I do shopping for myself, I always make sure that I will get a discount out of it. So this pant from Bunny is only P 300.00 from P800. 00. I bought this in Center Point, a not so big store.

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A Discount Out Of A Discount

So before the mall burn down, I tagged along my eldest daughter to shop for the things she will be wearing in their Christmas Party. We bought the pair of shoes that she has been eyeing when we went there the first time. Good thing it was on sale, I got more discount since I have the rewards card. But before she decided for the shoes, it took her a while to pick what she really wants.

Finally she took this pair of shoes  after almost of one hour roaming around.

But I wonder why she did not wear it after she wore it on the Christmas Party.

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Last Shopping At My Favorite Mall

A week before Christmas I always found myself roaming around this mall, checking for gifts for my kids, nieces and nephews. I bought the book of Faith there at the newly opened National Bookstore. When Mj had their Christmas Party at school, I and Mj went to see each other there to buy her shoes, and top. I was checking for a square pants, I really thought to buy it but we were short of funds so I end up putting it back to the rack and planned to purchase it some other time. I didn’t expect that just before Christmas the mall will burn down, it was then so lively with full of my favorite stocks and right now it looks like a ghost in the middle of the town.

My last Grocery shop was last December 19, I always wanna go there because the goods are not that so expensive and besides it is the nearest mall at home and now it’s gone. My favorite mall is vanished like a bubble in the thin air; no one knows how did it happen? Why it is so fast? It so sudden that I didn’t realized until I have to grocery shop again. I still have so many things I needed to purchase, the wallet, the square pants, and the sandals.  I usually went there if I have to pay bills, all of the bills to be exact now it is just gone.

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