I Am More Than Happy

Yes maybe it will take a while to get points out of a mall cards but once you have enough points to shop for free then that’s definitely worth your time waiting. I only have two point cards, SM and NCCC Rewards cards. And these cards got real points since I always come there for shopping, mostly grocery shopping. I saved the points for like more than a year now and I finally used it last week when Faith and I went to SM. You see my husband wired me some money to pay for our light bill and I noticed Faith needs a real shoes, don’t get me wrong she has, the thing is that it so loose, that sometimes she would not wear it properly and most often than not, she’s wearing it like a slipper and every time she does that I would be there, complaining. So I have to stop because when I start complaining, it will just ruin our whole day. So when I checked that I already have enough points, even though I wanted it to reach a thousand bucks at least but I feel the need of Faith getting at least a proper shoes so I get rid of the idea to save more.

On the other hand, I decided to spend the points I have in my SM reward card. We were looking and looking, yeah it took us a while to find a proper and a comfortable shoes for her, knowing Faith she always come up with something that she would really like. And I saw this pair of shoes, it is semi loafer and slip on shoes. Geez I didn’t know that they have this type, it merely sounds like half askal, half labrador LOL. So anyway, yeah she likes it so we bought. It was worth P 600. 00 but since it is free, I am more than happy!

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It Is A Genuine Leather

When I and Faith went to the mall to buy her school shoes, I was thinking to buy her the top brand so not to be easily damaged. Last year, she always has her shoes busted so we end up buying her a new one four times.

I was planning to buy her Bandolino or GIBI but geez they are so expensive. My second option was Barbie but Faith doesn’t like girl stuffs. She choose another pair, it was the Alex brand, it looks like it is durable but who knows right? Some shoes looks so durable but it only lasted for 2 days. I was really wondering with this brand. I haven’t heard of such. But Faith likes it so we bought it and besides it is very affordable. While Barbie cost thousand bucks this one cost only half of it. When we got home, I saw the mark says its genuine leather. I told my sister about it and she said it is the durable Alex brand. I got lucky since I only bought it half the original price.


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It Is An Advantage

Faith understands our situation so well; whenever we go to the mall and when she asked me of something she would wait if we have enough budgets for it.

When we went out to buy her a school bag, I was trying to pick a character bag, something that I thought she would love it but nope what she chooses is a very affordable and it cost only about almost P 400.00. I asked her again if she really liked it she said she does since she adored Picachu. Since her bag doesn’t cost that much, bought her a pair of shoes and a pair of socks. She could not contain her happiness when we got home having these school items on hand. I am so glad that Faith is always minding our budget it is an advantage.


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Branded Shoes From The Thrifty Mart

My eldest daughter always bothering me to buy her this branded pair of shoes but when I checked of the price, it reached to my neck and there’s no way I can afford it.

We went to the thrifty mart one night and she found some branded shoes she likes, she picked it up and asked me to buy it for her and for her sister. It was so affordable and knowing that it was the brand she likes, I bought it right away.

The place is jam-packed with all stuffs you wanted to have, if you are in a tight budget and you wanted to buy some things new, you might want to visit the place.

Here are the shoes we bought from the thrift mart in Roxas.

 photo 16003231_10211292634847752_7250347977396754466_n_zps19p5axlt.jpg

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