The Trick Or Treat Event in Gaisano Mall

Faith was so happy that she was able to join the trick or treat in Gaisano Mall, everything was so smooth especially when the one who invited us was my niece. Check all the amazing kids who joined the fun here.

The costumes were very interesting. Faith had so much fun checking their fantastic dresses and scary costumes. We were able to see Valak in a child. Faith wanted to be adventurous by trying to put blood on her face just like some of the kids there but sad to say it looks more of a lipstick than a blood so we removed it right away.

Sad to say that they didn’t have a contest for the best costume, which is a good thing because we were not that prepared. Faith’s costume is from a thrifty store from last year, we just innovate to be more like a nerd witch, oh well that’s how she call it.

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No More Buying For A Costume

Just last Sunday, we were invited to join the trick or treat in one of the malls here. I was so glad because the purchase amount is just so light in the pocket. And since I don’t have to buy for a costume for Faith, we joined the event. Moreover we just want the candies and chocolates, not the price for winning. Oh well, they don’t have any contest for the best costume, you just have to go there, purchase the  halloween accessories and your kid can already join the event. Faith was so delighted that she did not miss the event there, she already missed the event at work since I wasn’t able to register but oh well the event in the mall is so worthy we had so much fun!

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Customize Your Halloween Costume

It is almost Halloween, are you ready for trick or treats? Oh well here in the Philippines we just go to the malls for the event and would ask candies from any stalls or boutiques. If you are like me who’s in a tight budget and don’t have money to buy a costume, maybe it is best to modify or make our kids their own costume.

To make a strawberry shortcake, we can check our kids’ closet if they have a white blouse, a pink skirt that falls above the knee can do then striped pink socks then match it with white loafer.

Now this is the cheapest among them, if you have a boy, turn him to a formal dude into the famous Kent Clark office get up. Then just add superman shirt as to the underneath. Match his get up with no grade eye glasses, choose the nerdy one.

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No Time Anymore

When I went to the mall one day, I spotted their upcoming event and that’s included the Halloween costume just last October 31st. I promised to myself that I will have to join Faith; I was already planning which kind of costume she would wear that day. My niece suggested that the Pirate would suit to her. I also told to myself that I will be buying her costume the day before the event.

But to my disappointment, the date of the event slipped away in my mind. I forgot the event totally, and I just remembered it when I was about to go out from the house and that was already 2:00 in the afternoon. I even plan to buy the costume on that day but when my niece informs me of the date, I was already late because the event will start at 1:00 in the afternoon and 2:00 in the afternoon is way late already, not to mention that we still have to buy yet the costume. We have no time anymore sigh!

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