Achieving Her Body Goals

My eldest daughter is so conscious with her figure, I mean with her age who won’t mind right? When I was on her age I don’t mind at all, I don’t have the guts to go to the gym but she is so determined to reach the figure. And she achieved it, I just wish I am not lazy enough to go to the gym, I am not aiming for this kind of body already but I am aiming is to become healthy.

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Here’s One Wish, I Want To Lose Weight Too

Yes I am gaining weight when my husband was here, of course we always drink Coke every day and even it is zero sugar I guess it still contributed of me gaining weight. I felt so envy when one of my friends has this activity in the gym and she even advised me to do it. It is still advantage of us losing weight and at the same being healthy. I even made an excuse that I can’t go to gym as I am too busy with my kids here especially when Mj will go back to training soon. But as I said it is just an excuse because I can actually go to the gym while Faith is at school, I mean I won’t be spending like 2 hours or more in the gym just one hour and I’ll be healthier aside of losing weight. When could I really do it? I just don’t know I hope the mall that I am always going to now would put up a gym so shoppers like me can just drop by and have sweat.

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