PVC Heels

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

Sometimes your confidence depends on what kind of shoes you are wearing and most often than not how high your heels are. But there are times regardless of what kind of shoes you are wearing, when you know how to poise and your self-assurance that it is the right shoes for you, everything will come out right. And this 2018 get ready for fashion shoes because you might be surprised in the beginning but in the end you may fall in love with it. It is unique and the style itself is new to our eyes. Please welcome the PVC details; it is our hot picks for this year!

PVC details are so unique it is simply because most of it is transparent, when you are a type of person who thought of everything but fashion, I am sure you will have the guts to wear it. So PVC details oftentimes used as a safety measure but of course with clear heels, they may put a different material for it to have a unique impression.  If you will wear this kind of shoes, everyone will glance at you. I understand since it has a remarkable look, this may not fit for everyone however if you want to try it, you may consider on getting a pair of strappy heels first.

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It Is Still On Sale

So since I was not working for nearly 3 months, thus I was not able to buy the things I like. My husband is sending us just enough for the bills and tuition fee. I am not complaining though, life is just tough nowadays yet I am thankful because we still have foods to eat and we are still able to send the kids to school. On the other hand, just a month ago I had been eyeing these flip-flops from Faridez, I and Faith went to the mall last week right after her check up. I went to the Faridez right away to see if they still have it. I checked the spot where I saw the flip-flop last month and to my disappointment, it is not there anymore. I decided to check something else and Faith gets bored waiting for me so she asked what exactly I like, I informed her what I like, she roam around the place and told me there are still more inside maybe I can see what I was looking for and she is right the flip-flop was there! And it is still on sale!

I bought it right away, thanks to Faith!

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Comfortable Footwear In Doing The Yoga

Since being fit has become trending, fashion outfit of going to the gym has also become trending. Stylish fitness wear added to our closets. If you regularly going to the gym I am sure there are many varieties of gym wear inside your closet. Comfortable footwear in going to the gym is a must too. Just like if you are doing yoga why don’t you wear the sling sandals so it is easy to bend, move and concentrate. The sling sandals should also made of a real soft yoga mat material so when you wear it during the session, it does not hurt your heels and toes at all. I tell you, this kind of footwear will inspire you more to get fit since you are not hurting on or after doing the yoga.

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The Other Pair Is Bright, The Other Pair Is Worn Out

I’d been visiting this store to look for a flip flops, I was able to spot one pair. And I said to myself that I will buy that pair of flip flops, it has a huge discount on it. It does not look new but I know it would long last; the brand is famous with its durability. But when I was ready to buy the pair of sleeper, geez when they took the other pair from the stock room, the other one still has the bright color and the display one does not have anymore, it looks very old and it is already worn out. I can’t wear the pair because it seems like it does not match at all. I told the staff that maybe they should display both so they would look the same if they want it to be sold out. So I went around the department store instead and hoped I could buy one for me as I really need one pair because my other pair got busted already.

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