On Wearing Shades

Since we live in a tropical country, wearing shades is very very important. Aside from its making you look fashionable, wearing shades will give you more benefits. First was it protects your eyes from sun radiation, we all know that but there are more that can benefit it from and those are:

If not stop, it can at least decrease dry eye problem especially when you are in a dry climate. Wearing shades can protect your eyes from drying because it blocks the wind and dust that could gain access to your eyes.
When you are passing through buildings that are under repairs or construction, definitely you will get huge chances from debris. If you wear sunglasses, it will aid you in protecting your eyes from any harmful debris that are flying around.

When you are driving, it could not be avoided that there are possible glare especially at 4 in the afternoon. Wearing your sunglasses can help you reduced the glare from the sun. The sun rays will not be directing to your eyes because of your sunglasses, and then any chance of accident will also be avoided.

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This picture was taken during our 2nd team building just this month

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Clothes From Thrifty Shop

One of my friends just loves going to thrifty shop even my sister but me, nope.


It is because; I don’t have the talent to choose the best style for clothes. I am not a fashion guru; I am even okay with shirt with collar or even short. I am not keen with picking different styles of clothes and those best styles and least expensive are usually from thrifty shop.

The thing about cloths from thrifty shop, they have this distinct smell. You can even tell a cloth that is from thrifty shop that is how strong the smell is.

Oh well, we have remedy on that. Just spritz the clothes with a mixture of vodka and two parts of water and your problem will go away. I know vodka is expensive but if you are used to go to thrifty shop, vodka can be so useful right?

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Cut Your Jeans After You Wash It

Are you used to cut your jeans just after you bought it, well this time don’t. Why? Because jeans would shrink after it washed. So if you cut your jeans before it washed then the size will be too small already for you.

Actually, I just found this tip, and I am so guilty of cutting my jeans just after I purchased it. I always wondering why after wash, the jeans are too small already for my length. I never realized that it was the problem.

So guys, if you buy the jeans and you think it is too long for you. Wash the jeans first before you have cut it. If you are worried that the mall will make you pay, don’t worry at all, just keep the receipt with you and they will attend to it.

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On How To Remove Red Stain On Dresses

It is really hard to remove stains on colorful clothes; mind you it is even easier to remove stains on white clothes than of the colorful ones. I am always looking for Zonrox with colored liquid but those are not easy to find. I always end up buying the original ones.

On the other hand, were you out of the party last night and your oh so precious dress got poured and stained with red wine? Yeah, red wine can get stain in clothes, so if you are out of the night be sure to be very careful not to get poured or sprinkled or whatever with red wine to your clothes. I am sure; it will be hard for you to remove. However, worry no more because I just found out a tip that can be a solution to your problem. Use white wine, put it on the red stain of your clothes, blouse or dress then viola it will be removed easy and nice.

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