Right Measurement For Petite Women

Are you petite kind of woman and having a hard time what to wear whenever you go out. Oh well you don’t have to worry at all because there are clothes that are intended for petite women only. A petite woman comes in many sizes. Check what kind of wear you should fit in.

If you have the smaller frame, when you go shopping don’t take for granted the kid’s size, there are times that the large size of them will be exact frame for you. In short don’t look for sizing tags but check the measurements.

Think also of the functionality of the sizes. Regular tops for regular size can be not too long for you.

If you are a big busted petite, large waist would be good enough for you it would squeeze under the bustline.


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Take That Look To The Next Level

Attending reunion can be so stressful. Whether you like it or not if you decide to attend a reunion, you would take more hours on your closet, deciding which outfit you would like to wear. You cannot  just wear a pair of jeans or your favorite sneakers, what if your high school friends has this sexy outfit and everyone adores and you are just in the corner seating, trying to get busy on your cellphone, acting like somebody called you or texted you.

On the other hand, if you decide to join the reunion, you should plan ahead. And if you are caught up with post shift schedule, oh well flaunt your daring cuts, sexy shades of your dress. Check your skin too! Make sure you did not run in the beach before the reunion, or have yourself fried under the heat of the sun; get a shade or something that cover your skin from getting tan. I mean there is nothing wrong with being tan, I mean if you want to get your classmates impression that somehow your skin lighten or improved.

Most often than not, I am sure your high school friend will have their head turn when you wear this gorgeous pale pink top and edgy midi-skirt or a white dress, have your shoulders expose and a little cleavage. Show off a little sexiness but not too revealing just like a slut does. Get that admiration, plan ahead and destroy excuses for not going.


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Ladylike Dressing

 It is always feels good when you work with your body shape. Do not persist on wearing a clothe that makes you look like you are wrapped with very tight ribbon box. If your shape is something that a tight blouse could not make you look good, look for a blouse that makes you feel good and can make you breathe. I am telling you it is good to think that you are comfortable with what you are wearing than you are trying to pretend it is good for you while it is too obvious that you are already having a hard time. And geez, isn’t it more enjoyable when you are care free than having this classy look yet deep inside you are not happy at all.  Read the rest of this entry »

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No Jeans Fitting Room?

Christmas season is approaching and I am sure malls are starting to jam packed with crowds and shoppers. I am sure too that it would not be easy at all to find a place where you can fit your blouse, jeans and dress.

With jeans it would be easy to fit without you going to the fitting room. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is not like you are going to remove your jeans to try the prospect jean. (lol). If you would get caught, I am telling you will be thrown outside. Anyway, this is the best way to fit your jeans without going to the fitting room or take off your clothes and I am doing this whenever I go to the mall. Simply, just put the jeans waistline around your neck and you could determine the size whether it fits right or not. It is proven and it works!

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