Finding The Right One

Finally Faith is done with her recital for Matinee and Gala, the purchase of the costumes are not so easy at all besides of budgeting just enough for all those costumes, the finding the right one is just so exhausted plus I brought Faith with me that makes our day so extra tired. I need to bring Faith so the fit will just be enough for her. It was pricey I admit but seeing her perform her best, the money that we spent and the exhaustion when we purchased the dresses were worth it.

Summer is fast approaching, now I am looking forward to enroll her back to swimming and this time we are serious of getting her the right training. Faith is not getting any younger at all, she needs sports for her to concentrate and be focus. So when the school ends this May, we will enroll her for scientific method for swimming, which mean she should be learning the 4 strokes. Lord please helps me do it.

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Bought Dresses And Skirts

My sister was here on Monday for laundry, I was not able to shop for laundry powder so she went to the nearest Sari Sari Store to buy some laundry powder. She and her friend were able to see each other there. They chitchat for a while until her friend offered her some dresses and skirts that I might like.

This is just so right timing because lately I’d been looking for some dresses to wear when I have to send Faith to school, I mean I don’t need to look like to go to a party, what I want was that an everyday dress. I’d been seeing some ladies wearing dresses even just going to the mall and it seems like they are so comfortable. Wearing jeans can sometimes so boring already and geez it is so hot nowadays so a dress or a skirt would help me to feel light and free.

So my sister brought that at home and I was able to find some dress for me, in fact I bought 2 dresses, 2 skirt and 1 blouse, another one blouse for my sister. I already wore the skirt last Monday, and I match it with my ruffle razor back blouse that I bought last year, it was color white so it could match to any color as the skirt was somewhat blue with print. I also wore a bolero to cover the razor back since it was too skin showy.

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I Want To Change But I Can’t

I sometimes got confused of what I want to wear, as I said to my previous post I also want to give wearing a dress a try. I mean there are dresses there that we can wear that are not too stylish, or too Sunday dress but when I purchased things for myself in the mall, I always ended picking up with jeans and shirt. I mean please I want to change my clothing lines but I can’t. I feel too awkward to wear dresses, I feel like I don’t look nice or good wearing one. Anyway, as I didn’t pick any dress when I and my husband went to the mall just recently I just went to shoes department to pick up some flip flops like since the one I have was busted already. The one that my husband picked up for me is the one that is elevated, I feel good wearing it because it is so soft that even it is elevated, I don’t get tired of walking because aside as it is so soft, it weigh so light when I walked. Have I mentioned before not to overuse things but I guess I did not follow it because until now I haven’t buy any other sandals or flip flops for replacement everyday just like what happen to my bag that was given to me, I always put things aside to buy my own things because bills are always in the priority list.

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I Miss My Old Me

My eldest loves to watch Barbie movies and the one she would play again and again is the fashion fairy tale, I kind a like it as well that whenever she played it one more, I am there watching with her. And whenever I watched it, I become frustrated of what my weight has turned into a balloon, yes my weight now is a total opposite of my weight before, just before I was pregnant with my youngest. Yeah it is easy to dress up when you are a lot slimmer, I miss my old me though, which I can wear anything nice and fit dress or blouse. How I wish I could turn back the time, I would probably did not abuse my daily diet.

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