No More Buying For A Costume

Just last Sunday, we were invited to join the trick or treat in one of the malls here. I was so glad because the purchase amount is just so light in the pocket. And since I don’t have to buy for a costume for Faith, we joined the event. Moreover we just want the candies and chocolates, not the price for winning. Oh well, they don’t have any contest for the best costume, you just have to go there, purchase the  halloween accessories and your kid can already join the event. Faith was so delighted that she did not miss the event there, she already missed the event at work since I wasn’t able to register but oh well the event in the mall is so worthy we had so much fun!

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Red Hot Thursdays: Cheeseburger Costume


With a coat and tie, cheeseburger looks so good. But how could the man inside survive if we are insisting him to stay, I am sure he could not survive so he only stayed for like 15 minutes and the staff said he has to bid goodbye because he needs to attend to another birthday party. And I think that was not even true, lol!

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