Cheap Blouse And Denim Jacket

Our rest day at work was changed from Saturday and Sunday to Friday and Saturday and since it was the first week showing for Justice League, I and some workmates went to watch the movie. One workmate treat us for snack at S & R I was planning to go home right away after we watched the movie but they invited me to join to go for window shopping at the thrifty market, they are only open at night and they sell affordable clothes, apparel and some accessories. It was the right time because I was really looking for denim jacket. I got too picky, I don’t want to just pick and pick without really thinking of which one I really like. I was looking for a loose blouse too so my belly won’t be too obvious.

On the other hand, the first compile of denim was a bit expensive; my aim at that time was to get a P100. 00 of denim jacket, so we walked and walked until we reached to a pile up of denim that cost only of which is within my budget, how I wish though that they lower the down the price when I asked them but the owner said it was already discounted. I also bought a loose blouse costs only P50. 00. I guess to visit there more often.

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When You Think You Don’t Have Nothing To Wear

Whenever women will go to work or will go out, when they open the closet they would always say that they don’t have nothing to wear, while the closet is still jam-pack with lots of clothes. Oh well it should not be that way, it just a matter what matches this and this. But there are things that we, women can’t live without when we thought we don’t have nothing to wear.

Jeans – I always wore jeans, either at work or just everyday use. I always like just wear jeans. I sometimes match it with white shirt or just a tee-shirt.

If you will wear Blazer, wear black blazer because with black blazer you can match the inner with any color. My friend at work when he is about to be late, he wore a house sleeveless; anyway it serves as the inner so it won’t show off.

White Tee-shirt, I don’t know why I don’t have much white tee-shirt but this can be pair with anything, it can be paired with skirt, jeans or anything. I don’t have much white tee-shirt; it feels like it would capture dirt easily.


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Saving Some Old Stuff For Future Use

My youngest daughter needs a Baro’t Saya on Buwanang Wika. I was stunned for a moment, I was thinking to just buy a native costumes in one of the store in downtown that sells native stuffs but I suddenly remember that I bought one before for Mariel when she was still Grade 3 and it was passed to Mj when she needs it when she was in Kinder and I am sure it will still fit for Faith.

I look for it right away, I dig all of our old stuffs from our storage box and thank GOD I found it. I was saved, my money was save since I don’t have to spend anything just for Baro’t Saya, I mean it would be nice if I will purchase something new for her but it is more practical if we will use the old ones anyway they just need it that day and nothing more.

It is sometimes to keep old stuff because you might need it in the future and it never cross in my mind that it will still be useful for Faith.

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Clothes From Thrifty Shop

One of my friends just loves going to thrifty shop even my sister but me, nope.


It is because; I don’t have the talent to choose the best style for clothes. I am not a fashion guru; I am even okay with shirt with collar or even short. I am not keen with picking different styles of clothes and those best styles and least expensive are usually from thrifty shop.

The thing about cloths from thrifty shop, they have this distinct smell. You can even tell a cloth that is from thrifty shop that is how strong the smell is.

Oh well, we have remedy on that. Just spritz the clothes with a mixture of vodka and two parts of water and your problem will go away. I know vodka is expensive but if you are used to go to thrifty shop, vodka can be so useful right?

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