You Can Be Fashionable On A Budget

We want to be fashionable, yeah I get it. But in today’s world if you won’t be extra careful of how much you are spending or what you are spending with, believe me you will be in total trouble. You don’t want to be empty handed. Right? So I guess these tips can help a little.

Before shopping, check your budget first, do you have $100 extra or just $50? And think a million of times if you really need extra clothes right now to wear but if you have enough then think a million of times again. Don’t be impulsive, because even though you skipped the nice expensive dress, you might end up shopping for cheap ones and you did not notice the total amount that you shopped for numbers of clothes was just the same amount of shopping the expensive dress. I mean, my logic is that it is better to buy the expensive dress but you are sure with the quality than buying lots of dresses and clothes but the quality is just so cheaper

Second to look is all the clothes and stuffs that you already have, people tend to accumulate things or hoard stuffs without realizing the bad effect on it. Review the stuffs that you have, let’s say how many blue tops you have, how many t-shirts that you have but no date worthy clothes. Do you have more sandals? Or tennis shoes? Then check if the things that you really need.

This tip is always recommended if you have clothes you are not wearing at all and you think that someone else out there might find it useful. SELL IT!

Do not use any credit card; it is better if you always have Cash with you especially if you are easily got tempted to shop more. With credit card you may not be able to control it, it is easy to swipe but with cash you can budget it all, of course you don’t want to walk on your way home especially that your house is located miles and miles away from the mall.

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