I Finally Bought A Wallet And Coin Purse

I am a kind of person that I just buy things when the one I have is torn apart or could not be useful anymore.

Just like the wallet and coin purse I had, I guess I just bought it last year and it looks like it was attacked by a twister because it is already ripped and the leather is peeled off. My friends were already telling me to replace it even my sister suggested so.

And so just before I fetched my daughter, I went to the mall to buy the wallet that I love. I roamed around, trying to spot the style that I would like to have. I just told the remittance store that I will have to get back for them after they process my money so I won’t waste my time to wait for them. I was in a hurry to really get out from the mall but I have to buy a wallet, coin purse, vitamins and have to pay my bills too.

It was already almost 4:00 p.m., but I still could not find the wallet I like. Until I found the Reviera booth, the have quiet varieties of styles but they only have selective colors, they mostly have brown or black and I want the color that matches my bag.

Anyway, since I really really need a new wallet and coin purse now, I just picked the color black. I have no time to be picky about colors, I guess I need to choose what is available or else I’ll be stock there for long and I can’t fetch my daughter.

They said Reviera, even the second class, the one I bought was a second class, or class B has good quality and durable. The lock is not a snap button but it looks like a belt to lock it, you just have to press it and slide. Bi fold of course and you can place many cards as well, as it has a division for cards and bills.

I also bought a coin purse since the one I have gave up, it is color black and Reviera as well.

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