The Duo Shaper

This Duo shaper is so much trending nowadays because you can just shape your eyebrow so easy, just follow the easy tips and viola, you will have a perfect on fleek eyebrows. Start shaping your eyebrows by finding first the edge, then the arch and the last one is the tail. Follow the direction of your hair until you can shape a perfect on fleek. And blend it with the powder end to have a natural finish. Do the same procedure in the other eye. So from thin and shapeless, you will now have thick and much fuller browse. Practice it when you have lots of time and you can get to perfect it in no time and so I must start now.

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Dull Dark Lips

Sun exposures and grabbing a quick cigarettes break and having a little bucket of beer during end of shift and a cup of coffee causing your dull dark lips, making them less kissable. Even you red glossy lips can’t help at all most especially if you will not remove them before sleeping time.

How to deal with it:

Exfoliating your lips with sugar mixed and a teaspoon of lemon juice can do the trick at least once a week or so. I am telling you it can help brighten your lips. If you will be drinking coffee or alcohol, make sure that you also drink plenty of water so to prevent dehydration and if you will get to do this when you are tempted those things that can discolor your lips, it’ll leave your lips and skin spotty.


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How To Hide That You Were Sleepless

If you have dark circles under your eyes.

Use Tea Bags. Put one tea bag each of your eyes. The tea bags should be chilled and drained and you should place the tea bag over your eyes for 5 minutes. This will tighten the blood vessels. It would help you to lessen the dark circles under your eyes.

Unlike with puffy eyes, the concealer should be applied before the foundation if you have dark circles. Remember you are correcting the color, so the rule is concealer goes first before the foundation.

Color correct. For darker skin tone, red lipstick is the answer. If you have a triangle shape, pat your products on in thin layers so to cover the dark circles.


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Hiding Proof That You Didn’t Get Any Sleep Last Night

With Puffy Eyes

You should keep things cool!

You can press a spoon against the puffs of your eyes; spoons tend to have a cold metal to minimize the swelling. If you don’t have chance on pressing spoon in the puffs of your eyes, you can put slices of cucumber on your eyes while you drop off to sleep.

Put foundation before concealer. 

Just add light to the shadows, no need to fix much discoloration.

Put a shade using concealer but put it lighter than your foundation

To get rid of the puffiness, bring up the sunken shadowy area. You can choose to use a highlighter as long as it is not the shimmer kind.

Bake it on

Balance the light and dark, if you were able to achieve it. Do not let it melt off. Apply a translucent powder and let it for few minutes. Once the concealer is set, you can use a fluffy face brush to dust off the excess powder.


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