Before You Decide For An Acne Treatment

I am worried of my daughter’s pimples and acne going out everywhere on her face. She have a very delicate skin unlike mine, I didn’t have much problem regarding pimples and acne when I was growing up. She told me it triggered so much when I transferred her to a new school. I recommended already so many things, soap, moisture soap, foaming wash but none of them work. I told her she should only be using one brand so it will work. I gave her a certain brand this time and I hope it will work.

Acne caused so many different things like dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. To choose a product can be so tricky and overwhelming so make sure that if you choose one. You have to check if it has these ingredients:

  1. Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil is one of the strongest blemish – fighter since it removes skin impurities. It also has soothing combination so it doesn’t strip off the natural oils in your skin.
  2. Salicylic Acid – It is kind’a beta hyrdroxy acide that has antibacterial properties that prevent unclogging your oil filled pores. It can also help you exfoliate dead skin cells.

These are only one of the things you need to check when you are deciding for an acne treatment. I tell you this can help you check for a better one especially when your skin is very sensitive like my daughter.


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