My New Lens

I can’t believe I lost numbers of eyeglasses already, oh well one is broken but recently since my head is aching very badly these past few months, I decided to get a progressive kind of eyeglasses, which I don’t have to take it off wherever or whatever I am doing. They found out that I have astigmatism so they have to order the lens yet. It took two weeks for me to be able to get it.


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Bought A Jump Suit Dress

Mj supposed to only buy a denim jacket; she said it was only about P 300. 00 but when we roamed around SM one day, we dropped by at Surplus in SM. She was asking this jump suit dress, it cost about P 599. 00 I know she liked that one. So when we got home, I told her we can buy it on Tuesday. She was so excited when we saw each other at the mall. I told her it’s the only thing I can afford on that day and she understands it. She will be matching it with white shoes and she is going to wear a fashionable eyeglass too. Well can’t wait to see her wearing this jump suit dress.

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Acquaintance Party On Friday

Mj mentioned that they will have acquaintance party this coming Friday. Mj knows our current situation so as long as she can hold on to it, she won’t ask anything extra from me, and if she ask she would check the price, if it’s affordable she’d try to ask me to buy it. Like Faith she won’t persist.

She went to Gaisano Mall last Friday; she even asked her cousin if she can come home with her. My niece worked there as Social Media Marketing. While waiting for her cousin to finish her work, she roamed around the mall checking some thing she can wear in acquaintance party. The theme is OOTD so it is something trending and fashionable. When she got home, she found denim she can possibly wear in the party; she said that it’s only P300. 00. When we went to the mall last Saturday, she checked a dress jump suit. She asked for price and she said its P599 .00 I know she likes it but she’s taking aback since it is expensive compared to the denim jacket.

When we went home, I asked her if she liked the dress jump suit, she said “yes” right away. Thus I told we might buy it this Tuesday. I hope though my husband will give me extra so I won’t touch my savings, as it is decreasing already.


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It Is An Advantage

Faith understands our situation so well; whenever we go to the mall and when she asked me of something she would wait if we have enough budgets for it.

When we went out to buy her a school bag, I was trying to pick a character bag, something that I thought she would love it but nope what she chooses is a very affordable and it cost only about almost P 400.00. I asked her again if she really liked it she said she does since she adored Picachu. Since her bag doesn’t cost that much, bought her a pair of shoes and a pair of socks. She could not contain her happiness when we got home having these school items on hand. I am so glad that Faith is always minding our budget it is an advantage.


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