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Her New Pink Speedo Goggles

My eldest daughter is one of the representatives for inter-school swimming competition. She stopped swimming already a year ago but then her principal to her new school asked her if she could compete for the swimming event. Mj transferred just this school year, she doesn’t want to join at all but she doesn’t want to disappoint her principal as well. So she decided to join, she went back for training just this month. It is tiring because that means that I will deprive my sleeping time as I am already a working Mom but I can see her determination so I supported her. This is her new goggles I bought for her just last week since her competition will be this Sunday already and her old pair of goggles already gave up.

 photo IMG_0176.jpg

This is a competitive goggles, she only use this during competition. She doesn’t like pink but we don’t have choice as it is the only one available. 

 photo IMG_0177.jpg

How I wish though I know how to swim but geez if my daughter can swim 8 feet deep, I can only soak myself in a 2 feet deep. My daughter its okay, if circumstances occur she can surely save me. My eldest is a sporty kid’o that sometimes I don’t know anymore which sport she really love to follow.

You can join us here.

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GT # 5: Latest Summer Fun

Just this month at the pool where the training of my kid’s swimming was held, the parents agreed for a potluck party after the meeting. So after we agreed for a venue to stay in Manila, we headed right away for the said gathering.

The Kids

And since we are planning to put their names and pictures in a tarpaulin for the upcoming event, this morning we asked the kids to pose for a while after their training.


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Canon Balls

Right after their training the kids agreed to play a little bit they have done canon balls or whatever they may call it.  They were jumping and splashing the water so hard. Their Ate Elai was the one who took these pictures below; they sure had so much fun jumping in the water.

When they were done, they prepare themselves to roam around the resort. They like the place so much that they always want to jump like the picture below.

Ruby Tuesday # 2 : Head Cap

Together with the floater I bought for my little tea pot, I also bought her a head cap so her hair would be fixed and will not destruct her when she learns how to swim. She was so cute, a little swimmer, in fact very little. She has been called “Mutya” in the clubhouse. Mutya is the drama series here in the Philippines who’s the lead the character is a very cute kid.

Now here she is, so excited and free, at last Mama let her soak in the water alone. Oh well at least the coach is just around here, looking closely to her.

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Ruby Tuesday

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