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Set Aside

Damn, instead of going to the gym to get fit I think I need to set it aside because our car needs to be repair again. The engine gets too smoking hot, when I run the car, it dragged so much that it is hard for me to run it uphill. I can’t just leave it or not using it at all because we need it especially if my work is at night.

My daughter’s plan to buy a new guitar will be set aside too, I was kidding her a while ago to just learn how to make a guitar but of course she doesn’t know, I think she needs to enroll or to study how to make one yet.

Sigh, I and my friend had plans next week going to SECDEA, I was so excited but now I am confused whether to go or not, I was already checking for swim wear at the mall earlier but I guess again I need to set it aside.


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She Lost It

I was about to write the swimsuit I bought for her the other day that she wore yesterday in the competition but I just found out tonight that the swimsuit I just purchased is nowhere to be found. She lost it!

Yesterday during the competition, her best friend came to watch her competition and they agreed to unwind right after. I guess she was so ecstatic about the outing and she just forgot everything. The swimsuit is not affordable at all and I used the money supposedly for our budget until Wednesday but because she wants a new one, I bought it for her because I want her to be comfortable when she’s going to swim. Teenagers today are just so careless, they won’t mind that we worked so hard so we can buy them things for them to have a comfortable life. They always take it for granted and there are times I already get tired about it. How I wish to just stop and ignore and be a careless Mom but I know I can’t, I just can’t.

So maybe I’ll just have to take a last look with this swimsuit she wore yesterday, my first and last look of my hard work so to earn to buy everything for her.

 photo 15027721_1787715044832727_4459452106562001119_n.jpg

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Her New Pink Speedo Goggles

My eldest daughter is one of the representatives for inter-school swimming competition. She stopped swimming already a year ago but then her principal to her new school asked her if she could compete for the swimming event. Mj transferred just this school year, she doesn’t want to join at all but she doesn’t want to disappoint her principal as well. So she decided to join, she went back for training just this month. It is tiring because that means that I will deprive my sleeping time as I am already a working Mom but I can see her determination so I supported her. This is her new goggles I bought for her just last week since her competition will be this Sunday already and her old pair of goggles already gave up.

 photo IMG_0176.jpg

This is a competitive goggles, she only use this during competition. She doesn’t like pink but we don’t have choice as it is the only one available. 

 photo IMG_0177.jpg

How I wish though I know how to swim but geez if my daughter can swim 8 feet deep, I can only soak myself in a 2 feet deep. My daughter its okay, if circumstances occur she can surely save me. My eldest is a sporty kid’o that sometimes I don’t know anymore which sport she really love to follow.

You can join us here.

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New Swim Suits

When I first received my salary without any further ado, I bought my eldest daughter a new swim suit. Although it means that I will get out of budget but I didn’t mind it already since she does not have any swim suit anymore. The swim suits that she had was already torn. I felt pity for her last competition because she have to wear the swim suit that has hole. The reason that I worked now is because to give her and Faith everything, not everything but at least something that they needed, something that its necessary.

Here’s the swim suit that I bought for my eldest daughter:

 photo IMG_0586_zps3kj2fzp4.jpg

I didn’t expect that the jumpsuit that we order online with our team mate will arrived the soonest. Now I caught in between but it’s okay, this mean that more swim suit for her since most of the swim suit that she had is already torn apart and worn off.

 photo IMG_0585_zpsxmpnml5o.jpg

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