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I Can’t Live A Day Without Lotion

I used variety of lotion, I even applied that VS lotion from my friend but when it is consumed I always get back to buy my favorite lotion for this year and that is Myra lotion. It is not that I believed their paraphrase that it can whitens our skin but it has this sun screen that can protect our skin. And of course it can moisturize my skin, my toes usually is drying after an hour from bathe and lotion can helped it not to get too dry. Dry skin is not good to look at, I mean whenever I wanted to try some shoes on, I always stop myself of doing so because when I look at my toes, it is just so dry that I could not even dare to look at. Lotion can make me at least look nice and decent.

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Food For Your Skin

Our skin gets stressed out at times especially when we are exposed to sunlight. If we don’t take good care of it, it will become sagged, irritation, and itchiness. It is also important to take good care of our skin to look radiant. To get rid of unwanted signs we must apply cleanser to our skin to hydrate our skin. Our skin needs hydration to be healthier, especially when we can find a cleanser that is proven tested, and it’s effectively rebuilding our skin. Being a mom should not stop you to have a beautiful radiant skin, don’t be just a wife or a mom; you can be more than that, when we are expert to take good care of our family surely enough we are also expert of taking good care of our skin. We have to spare a time for ourselves so we can take good care of them more.

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A Care For Your Skin

Alright, you look saggy and you think that there is no remedy at all of your wrinkles in your face. Wait a minute even you are aged, there are still some beauty products out there that might help you to look younger. It is just you don’t have time for yourself to do all the routines, why not put a schedule of you to apply those beauty products. This I read from Good Housekeeping Magazine, this can help you look good and not only that you can get a tip of how much amount should you apply in your skin.

For Serum, you may need a pea size amount. You can apply this in the morning or in the evening. You should apply the Serum before the moisturizer so it can maximize the absorption.

Face Moisturizer with SPF 30, apply a teaspoon but if you apply this also in your neck and chest you may need a tablespoon, you can apply this in the morning.

Eye Cream, a pea size amount enough around the eye, applies this in the morning or in the evening. You can apply this at night if it interferes with your make-up in the morning.

Night Cream, if it has retinol a pea size amount will do but if not, the size of a 10 or 5 centavo coin should be apply. You may apply this in the morning or in the evening. You should let it absorb into your skin for few minutes before you hit the bed so it will not get messy in your pillow case.

Body Lotion, enough for your arms and legs, apply this in the morning and in the evening. Spread on to your skin after drying off with your towel to help lock in the moisture.

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The Replacement Forever

The Cosmo skin that I’d been taking for a while was all finish, now as a replacement I am taking now Myra 400 E and Fern C for Vitamin C and I guess I will be taking these vitamins for a while now because I don’t have extra money anymore to buy the Cosmo Skin as you see the Cosmo Skin is more expensive than the latter. Yes it is very effective to my skin but with my extra tight budget right now, I don’t think it is practical to buy expensive vitamins for skin. On the other hand I’d been using Myra 400 E from before even though it seems like it is not that effective but it still gives me healthy skin and healthy immune system.

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