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Thinking About Shopping And Saving?

Here’s how:

Twitter is not only following your friends or some actors but you can also follow your favorite online stores. But before doing that, you may have to think what store online has lots of offers, let’s say offers you coupons, discount, sale and so on and so forth.

Be bold, ask what you want. I am not sure though if you can avail this all over the world, maybe this is for some place. If the blouse you bought like 7 days ago is already on sale, you might ask for price adjustment. Some stores issue full credits if the goods you bought are on sale within seven days of your purchase. Just make sure that you have your receipts on hand and tags still on, most stores will give you refund.

The disadvantage of purchasing goods online is the shipping fee but there is retailer that shipping is free. You’ll just have to search what online stores offers free of shipping.

In today’s generation, checking some stores is just a click away so you have all the tools to compare prices. Who knows one of the stores you are just clicking offers big discounts and free shipping.


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How To Become A Savvy Shopper

If you want to spend less and save more, avoid window shopping.  When we go to the mall, even if we will think like we will only check out something, we end up buying things unexpected so it would be best if you avoid the mall, make it the last option.

If you only need something and you would only use it for once, then it is practical to just borrow it.

You can also try to negotiate if not wait until their mall wide sale. I am sure you can get more discount. More often than not, a sale will come out when newer model arrives. So you must wait patiently. If the mall will not go on sale, try to check online shopping, mostly they do some slash off.

Make a canvass. So you might have to do a store hopping. Do not check only one store, who knows the other store offers lower price or more discount.

Before you buy something, think a million of times, do I really need this? If not, then put it back to the shelves. Wish list can help you not to be impulsive of buying things, at least with wish list you have an ample time to prepare funds for that item.

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Bought A Jump Suit Dress

Mj supposed to only buy a denim jacket; she said it was only about P 300. 00 but when we roamed around SM one day, we dropped by at Surplus in SM. She was asking this jump suit dress, it cost about P 599. 00 I know she liked that one. So when we got home, I told her we can buy it on Tuesday. She was so excited when we saw each other at the mall. I told her it’s the only thing I can afford on that day and she understands it. She will be matching it with white shoes and she is going to wear a fashionable eyeglass too. Well can’t wait to see her wearing this jump suit dress.

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It Is An Advantage

Faith understands our situation so well; whenever we go to the mall and when she asked me of something she would wait if we have enough budgets for it.

When we went out to buy her a school bag, I was trying to pick a character bag, something that I thought she would love it but nope what she chooses is a very affordable and it cost only about almost P 400.00. I asked her again if she really liked it she said she does since she adored Picachu. Since her bag doesn’t cost that much, bought her a pair of shoes and a pair of socks. She could not contain her happiness when we got home having these school items on hand. I am so glad that Faith is always minding our budget it is an advantage.


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