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Ruby Tuesday # 20: Kids

These kids just met at the beach that we went to the other day, but look how they get along. They look like they have known one another for a long time that shyness just got away.

I guess you notice the girl who is wearing a ruby color.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday # 19: Nintendo DS XL

Here’s the Nintendo that my husband sent to our daughter. But the only problem was the charger does not function, it only had 110 V while we are using 220 V here. We need to buy a charger for 220 V so my daughter can use it.

This Nintendo XL has a camera, my daughter can takes a lot of pictures through, and she can edit the picture as well.

The Nintendo XL

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday # 18 : Stretching

These are the Davao Sea Lion Swim Club members; they were doing a stretching exercise to prepare for their competition, which will start very soon. After the competition 3 of them got some awards, for 7 to 8 bracket, Yuna got gold for breast stroke, for 9 to 10 girls, my daughter got 2 silvers for breast stroke and back stroke and 2 bronzes for butterfly and free style, for 9 to 10 boys, Josiah got silvers for breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly.

Congrats Davao Sea Lions Swim Club!

Ruby Tuesday

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Ruby Tuesday # 17: Sports Complex

Just two days ago we went to South Cotabato Sports Complex, our city doesn’t have a sports complex and the team decided for the kids to experience the 50 meters pool at least before the competition this Saturday.

How I wish our city government would put up a sports complex here so the athletes or even the individuals would engage to sports and not just roaming around the mall.

Ruby Tuesday

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