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Acquaintance Party On Friday

Mj mentioned that they will have acquaintance party this coming Friday. Mj knows our current situation so as long as she can hold on to it, she won’t ask anything extra from me, and if she ask she would check the price, if it’s affordable she’d try to ask me to buy it. Like Faith she won’t persist.

She went to Gaisano Mall last Friday; she even asked her cousin if she can come home with her. My niece worked there as Social Media Marketing. While waiting for her cousin to finish her work, she roamed around the mall checking some thing she can wear in acquaintance party. The theme is OOTD so it is something trending and fashionable. When she got home, she found denim she can possibly wear in the party; she said that it’s only P300. 00. When we went to the mall last Saturday, she checked a dress jump suit. She asked for price and she said its P599 .00 I know she likes it but she’s taking aback since it is expensive compared to the denim jacket.

When we went home, I asked her if she liked the dress jump suit, she said “yes” right away. Thus I told we might buy it this Tuesday. I hope though my husband will give me extra so I won’t touch my savings, as it is decreasing already.


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Take That Look To The Next Level

Attending reunion can be so stressful. Whether you like it or not if you decide to attend a reunion, you would take more hours on your closet, deciding which outfit you would like to wear. You cannot  just wear a pair of jeans or your favorite sneakers, what if your high school friends has this sexy outfit and everyone adores and you are just in the corner seating, trying to get busy on your cellphone, acting like somebody called you or texted you.

On the other hand, if you decide to join the reunion, you should plan ahead. And if you are caught up with post shift schedule, oh well flaunt your daring cuts, sexy shades of your dress. Check your skin too! Make sure you did not run in the beach before the reunion, or have yourself fried under the heat of the sun; get a shade or something that cover your skin from getting tan. I mean there is nothing wrong with being tan, I mean if you want to get your classmates impression that somehow your skin lighten or improved.

Most often than not, I am sure your high school friend will have their head turn when you wear this gorgeous pale pink top and edgy midi-skirt or a white dress, have your shoulders expose and a little cleavage. Show off a little sexiness but not too revealing just like a slut does. Get that admiration, plan ahead and destroy excuses for not going.


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Kick Off Party Experienced

The kick off party is over, I was thinking to wear something relevant to the theme but I end up wearing pair of jeans and a top. I did not even had make up oh well I never thought I would still attend since I am too busy that day. I just rode a Jeepney though, was not driving because I don’t have sleep that day. I mean what’s new of having no sleep.

When I got there, I was so amazed with some of our team mates because they really prepared for the night. Good for them and bad for me. On the other hand, I had so much fun though, especially when the contestant flaunt their costume on stage.

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Two Dress In One Day

Last December 19, Faith joined two parties, the first one in the morning is in Kaakbay. Good thing, she has a dress that she seldom wearing so that’s the one she wore in the morning. We just brought the new dress in the car for her to wear in the afternoon. She wanted the new dress in the morning but I did not agree because I am sure she will get messy after she ate a meal there, it is better to be ready than of going home right after the Kaakbay. The party in the school will start at 1:30 p.m. so we really have to be on our way after the party in Kaakbay.

 photo 41e294e1-9cb3-46b7-b0df-2499392c7467_zpsf0a2cee4.jpg

This is the dress that she wore in the morning, she just posed for a while for this car as she finds it nice and pretty.

 photo 72140c53-bc83-47f3-b148-91f198c6e1d3_zpsed2e08d6.jpg

Faith and I together with her teacher.

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