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Malls Are Now Starting To Have Mall Sale

In two months time, school will welcome the school year for 2017 to 2018. So some of the malls are now starting to make some noise with their discounts and promo especially with their school supplies. Good thing that my kids school will have their opening on July yet so we still have most of the time to chill. But I am already checking some school materials for the kids, not to mention that I need to buy the kids their school shoes. And I intend to do that next month especially when Mj will be using the close shoes with a little high heel. Gosh, I can’t believe that she will be in senior high soon! I can’t be more excited

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3 Day Sale In SM

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Yes! SM in Davao will have a mall wide on October 14, 15, and 16. The 70% off will start from 10 in the morning until noon. So grab the opportunity now, too bad I would get out from work at 11 in the morning so I will not be able to catch the 70% discount but don’t worry because more items will be discounted even beyond 12 noon. And there will be extended mall hours for shopping so experience the mall wide sale right on October.

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50% Off From SM

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How I wish to go to the mall and do some shopping. I filed a leave from today until tomorrow but I could not go out because I am out of funds. My husband just sent me money yesterday but it was for Mj’s jacket of her front tooth and my installment fee for my gas range then I shop for some foods at home until Friday morning. So guys if you have money today to shop for school supplies why not go to SM right now, this 50% off was just sent in my email today.  I can only dream at the meantime but you I know you have enough, so go!

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I Miss Roaming Around The Mall For Longer Hours

Yeah, it has been a year that I am working and even though the exit from work is a mall and sometimes we would go inside to get some money, I still miss roaming around the mall for longer hours. I mean unlike before that I can go to the mall anytime if I want to look things to touch my favorite clothes and to buy the things I love. Now I can’t easily do that, I need to wait for my day off to do that and mostly I spend my rest day paying all my bills.

Uh uh, on the second thought I just went to the mall last Monday, I was with my kids but we were in a hurry. I wanted to stay much longer to choose the sunglasses that I want but I can’t stay there for a while, we need to go right away as I still need to sleep for work later. I just went to grocery store to buy some foods to cook at home, and then bought doughnuts for the kids. We didn’t even have time to eat out because I need to drive home right away.


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