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The Duo Shaper

This Duo shaper is so much trending nowadays because you can just shape your eyebrow so easy, just follow the easy tips and viola, you will have a perfect on fleek eyebrows. Start shaping your eyebrows by finding first the edge, then the arch and the last one is the tail. Follow the direction of your hair until you can shape a perfect on fleek. And blend it with the powder end to have a natural finish. Do the same procedure in the other eye. So from thin and shapeless, you will now have thick and much fuller browse. Practice it when you have lots of time and you can get to perfect it in no time and so I must start now.

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Don’t Budge Easily

My daughter is the one who introduced this eye liner, she said it will not gonna fade right away; it is some sort of water proof too. It is a bit expensive than a regular one but at least you don’t have to hassle yourself sharpening your eyeliner. So if I were you, if you want to have an eyeliner that won’t budge easily especially during the heat of the summer. What I am using now is the Nichido but you will see this with another brand too.

Brands like eyeko. wander beauty, almay, urban decay. DHC Gel Pencil and the likes they share the same goal and that is not to let you worry for about sweat and humidity mucking up your make up. So why not try to look at these brands to check it yourself.


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After Make-Up Side Effects

Mj was so excited to have her hair curl and wear a make-up on her graduation day. At eleven in the morning we went to the beauty salon nearby to have a beauty make over for her graduation is set at 3:00 p.m. At two in the afternoon she is ready, we went home yet to fetch Faith and Mariel and so she can wear her uniform and Toga. Sister Irenie went also with us and her son too. I love the make-up of Mj because it was not too strong; it was just light enough for the event. She was also satisfied with her curly hair.

When we went home, Mj did not wash her face, even how much I told her again and again, she just doesn’t listen. I slept ahead of them because I was so tired. What I didn’t know is she told her cousin that she thought her lip is growing and swelling, so Mariel told her once again that she has to wash her face or do a half bath yet she didn’t listen. The next morning, when she got up, she informed me right away that her lips are swelling. I asked her if she washed her face the night before, she didn’t answer and so I know.

Mj was fascinated with how she looks when she wears make up, it was new to her. And maybe she loves the look that is why she didn’t wipe her make up off. You know preteens and their excitements that lead to disaster. Since we don’t know what brand of make-up that the gay artist put on her face, it was best if we wash the make up right away. Or maybe the make ups that they were using are not new and were already applied on other that has some allergies. Or yet, I should have brought my own little make up kit so the gay artist could use it for my daughter and not the one store in their parlor. Geez!

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Wearing Makeup

I only wore a lipstick, eye pencil on my eyebrows but when I go out for a dinner party, I have a complete set of makeup. There’s only one thing I need to have this time and that is the airbrush makeup kit, I also want to have the complete set so at least I look good whenever I would meet some friends and attend a party. And since my daughter is now becoming a lady, I could also lend her my make up kit, geez she wore a make up earlier when we attended a party, she and her friends had fun of wearing make up in her friend’s bedroom, my friend who is also the mom of her friend keeps on giggling. I know she looks good but I guess it is just too early for her to wear one everyday, maybe when she is a bit older, I would allow her to wear make up.

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