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Girl Stuffs For Her

I really have to thank our guests during Faith’s birthday, she received so many gifts and most of it is for girl stuffs.

I don’t know why I always set buying clips aside. She needs it especially when her hair is growing long and headband alone could not fix her hair so I need some clips. Good thing I don’t have to buy some pairs anymore because she received lots of clips, headbands, and pony tails accessories.

Her towel that she is using is from her sister Mj, and she only have one towel now when it needs to be laundry, she doesn’t have any other towel to replace that is in the laundry basket and we end up with borrowing again another towel from her sister or cousin. But on her birthday she received a bathrobe, it is like a towel because she will just wear it and it has a hood too that it can dry her hair. It has a Hello Kitty design that she loves very much.

She also received a shirt that has a print “Mommy” then she got stuffed toys, two horses and Teddy Bear that I displayed on our cabinet. She received a throw pillow that has Pony on it, some toys that she can play, some I hide it in our closet so she can play it the next time.

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GT # Love Letter

First thing first, I would like to apologize for not commenting back to some of the entries, I was just too busy last week and last few days, the reason why I was not able to post my entry for this week on time. By the way, my letter to my husband that I am going to entry now was like already 5 years ago. I wrote this letter on our engagement party, please spare the grammar. LOL

Dear Honey

I’ve searched for so long…. And most of the times it leads me to nowhere… too many fool people, fake unreal ones.

On the day I met you I thought ure just a passing guy friend…I never thought you’re for real… but then to prove me how sincere u are… u send me flowers and chocolate on my bday to which I was unable to taste My family got them all… You told me your feelings is true. I told u to wait.. Thought u will stop. But u didn’t instead you understand.. You waited until I gave u a call. even though a little bit scared I asked u If Ill say yes will it be forever? Even your snoring You said “ My dream is to have a family and to share my life with the person I love and can be one with them and accept them in to my life and I promise that you will be my first treasure and that all promises made before GOD are irrevocable and I will not go from you. I belong to you.

And so every day we seen each other in the cam and chatted everyday.. You just don’t know how happy and contented I am just to hear from and got ure call everyday… I thought things will be as easy as that… you’ll book your flight u will be here…. But it didn’t just push through.. Weve been tested… first was the doctor advised and ure not able to get here. Second was u have flue and the airport didn’t let u in third was gosh this is the worst you forgot your ticket…. But then u never stopped… and did not let go… until these time you’re here…. As u promised…. Hon I want u to know even we will going to have a million of tests when we will be apart.. I can take it I just don’t want u to give up.. Coz ill never give up…Ill stay with you forever, Even you will be ocean’s apart from me… I’ll be waiting until things will get settled…I love you whoever or whatever u are no matter how old u are.. Whatever it takes u cannot get rid off me… thank u for the real love u showed me.. Thank u for accepting mj not only mj but mariel and the whole family.. Thank u for always making me smiles in the net and in real… thank for being you…

Always anne

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GT : Romantic Movie

The most romantic I had ever watch was when I was in college, it was the Titanic I am sure you all know that. It was supposed to be a date with my ex-boyfriend but my best fried showed up at the office I was assigned to at the school where I worked for as a working scholar. And I just forgot about my ex and went to my best friend to watch movie with her. My poor ex-boyfriend waited at the school without him knowing, I already enjoyed the movie with my best friend. A week after that we broke up. LOL

And because I fell in love with the movie, I memorized all their remarkable lines especially when Jack told Rose she should never give up and she should survive.

GT : Dream Date

My dream date would be in a prestigious 5 star hotel here in our place with a lot of foods in the buffet table. I will buy a nice dress a Sunday dress perhaps and would wear it on my dream date.  And since my husband is not yet here, I will have to make it realize with my friend Cheryl since her boyfriend is not here too so we will make that dream date come true on February 14 LOL.

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