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It Is Still On Sale

So since I was not working for nearly 3 months, thus I was not able to buy the things I like. My husband is sending us just enough for the bills and tuition fee. I am not complaining though, life is just tough nowadays yet I am thankful because we still have foods to eat and we are still able to send the kids to school. On the other hand, just a month ago I had been eyeing these flip-flops from Faridez, I and Faith went to the mall last week right after her check up. I went to the Faridez right away to see if they still have it. I checked the spot where I saw the flip-flop last month and to my disappointment, it is not there anymore. I decided to check something else and Faith gets bored waiting for me so she asked what exactly I like, I informed her what I like, she roam around the place and told me there are still more inside maybe I can see what I was looking for and she is right the flip-flop was there! And it is still on sale!

I bought it right away, thanks to Faith!

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For Action Adidas

Adidas just launched a brand new line of sportswear that everyone could enjoy. Adidas is always presenting with their surprisingly new design and this of course all athletes are up to the new styles, it is not only for the styles that active people are up to but to the comfort that Adidas is satisfying them.

This new Adidas features bold branding, bright colors and prints. It is mixed with complete technical performance not only cool sneakers but they are presenting the whole gym outfit. Adidas Stellasport is vibrant, always on the go, surely will stand out in the market. Adidas Stellasport collection features color-blocked tanks, bras, and tights. It is also with signature onesie, socks, caps and backpacks. The footwear options had breathable mesh uppers, and built in sock liners.


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Wearing Comfortable Footwear In The Beach

Too bad we were not able to go to the beach when the semestral break starts. We don’t have much more time already since next week; the kids will have school again. But if you still want to enjoy the sands and beach, enjoy wearing that you could enjoy the sands.  Check some footwear that materials are premium. Rarefy the outer layer of a sole of your footwear and make sure the durability of the shoes that you are buying for the beach getaway. Be meticulous of the stitching of your shoes, the etching and the embossing so for you to really feel the comfy wear when you go to the beach.

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Comfortable Footwear In Doing The Yoga

Since being fit has become trending, fashion outfit of going to the gym has also become trending. Stylish fitness wear added to our closets. If you regularly going to the gym I am sure there are many varieties of gym wear inside your closet. Comfortable footwear in going to the gym is a must too. Just like if you are doing yoga why don’t you wear the sling sandals so it is easy to bend, move and concentrate. The sling sandals should also made of a real soft yoga mat material so when you wear it during the session, it does not hurt your heels and toes at all. I tell you, this kind of footwear will inspire you more to get fit since you are not hurting on or after doing the yoga.

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