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Right Measurement For Petite Women

Are you petite kind of woman and having a hard time what to wear whenever you go out. Oh well you don’t have to worry at all because there are clothes that are intended for petite women only. A petite woman comes in many sizes. Check what kind of wear you should fit in.

If you have the smaller frame, when you go shopping don’t take for granted the kid’s size, there are times that the large size of them will be exact frame for you. In short don’t look for sizing tags but check the measurements.

Think also of the functionality of the sizes. Regular tops for regular size can be not too long for you.

If you are a big busted petite, large waist would be good enough for you it would squeeze under the bustline.


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A Caption Of My Selfie If Only

We’re in the beach right now and I swear to GOD I am so envious with those ladies out there wearing skimpy swim suits or two piece. I must admit it, my tummy is bloated that I can’t even wear a tight swim wear otherwise I will look like I am pregnant, which is the reason why I don’t see myself in the picture, I would always intend to hide.

How I wish I can be like anyone else out there putting a caption of my selfie like “no filter, no edit, love your body the way it is”

You may just see a duster cover up of your swim wear but that has been trend too long ago about 1920’s. The high waist short and the tank top are always on the go on summer. Prints has been a head turner last 1930 and until now you can see it in the display of every mall. Dresses has prints on it, are always the demure innocent type, it simplicity is the one that makes you wanna wear it.

Many of fashions have been trend before and it comes around this year and maybe on the next few years so stay tuned.


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Wore The Polo Dress A Few Times

I wasn’t, wasn’t I?

But when I bought this Penshoppe Polo Dress, as long it is available in the closet and not in our laundry basket, I would always want to wear it. Why shouldn’t I? It’s comfy, it’s cool and it’s nice to wear it.

 photo 18052596_10212227966070448_1813692175_n_zpsro2xvhvv.jpg

Wore it few times already.

 photo 17498477_10207827957210202_490260140168379332_n_zpswynirild.jpg

I and my friends at work

 photo 17630117_10212032398781388_1464909773002063626_n_zpsmfyyptnk.jpg

I wore the same dress in The Griddle

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Take That Look To The Next Level

Attending reunion can be so stressful. Whether you like it or not if you decide to attend a reunion, you would take more hours on your closet, deciding which outfit you would like to wear. You cannot  just wear a pair of jeans or your favorite sneakers, what if your high school friends has this sexy outfit and everyone adores and you are just in the corner seating, trying to get busy on your cellphone, acting like somebody called you or texted you.

On the other hand, if you decide to join the reunion, you should plan ahead. And if you are caught up with post shift schedule, oh well flaunt your daring cuts, sexy shades of your dress. Check your skin too! Make sure you did not run in the beach before the reunion, or have yourself fried under the heat of the sun; get a shade or something that cover your skin from getting tan. I mean there is nothing wrong with being tan, I mean if you want to get your classmates impression that somehow your skin lighten or improved.

Most often than not, I am sure your high school friend will have their head turn when you wear this gorgeous pale pink top and edgy midi-skirt or a white dress, have your shoulders expose and a little cleavage. Show off a little sexiness but not too revealing just like a slut does. Get that admiration, plan ahead and destroy excuses for not going.


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