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Fashion Trend From New York Fashion Week

So whenever a fashion trend strikes, everyone then comes rushing to wear it. You might be wondering why what in this 2018, oh well this fashion trend this year might be a surprise for you.

This coming spring, American dream strikes again because designers made this idea of stripes with red and blue color. Be it with horizontal or vertical stripe or full of stars in between.

Designers consider urban vibes this 2018 though it is represented in unique ways. The common item is windbreaker jacket, parka is in too and anorak, or whichever you may see them everywhere.

Fancy shiny jeans or pants paired with evening attire. You may get bejeweled these designs as you can see them glittering in the runway. It is a formal treatment but when you see the pants or jeans, and these fancy jackets, you will simply adore them that these designs will take you to a fabulous gala.

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The Trick Or Treat Event in Gaisano Mall

Faith was so happy that she was able to join the trick or treat in Gaisano Mall, everything was so smooth especially when the one who invited us was my niece. Check all the amazing kids who joined the fun here.

The costumes were very interesting. Faith had so much fun checking their fantastic dresses and scary costumes. We were able to see Valak in a child. Faith wanted to be adventurous by trying to put blood on her face just like some of the kids there but sad to say it looks more of a lipstick than a blood so we removed it right away.

Sad to say that they didn’t have a contest for the best costume, which is a good thing because we were not that prepared. Faith’s costume is from a thrifty store from last year, we just innovate to be more like a nerd witch, oh well that’s how she call it.

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Prepare For An Island Getaway

One of the most fun parts of a beach vacation or an island getaway involves the documentation process. Many people love to bring their cameras to take lots of pictures and videos because it helps them solidify the memories and they’ll also be able to share these same memories with their friends via postcards, picture frames and social media. Now, personal upkeep can be a little challenging in another country. After all, it can be hard to find a new manicurist, hairdresser and more while on vacation. Unless the vacation has been an extended one for a few months, there’s not enough time to meet a new stylist and build a relationship with them. Every woman wants to feel beautiful while she’s on vacation. In this case, there are a few things to do ahead of time.

1. Get a manicure and pedicure before the trip.
With sand in between the toes and all the many close-up pictures, it’s best to have an amazing manicure and pedicure ahead of time. Book your appointment the day before the trip so that the set is as fresh as possible. Remember that gel manicures last a lot longer so consider that option. Gel nails are also awesome because they won’t chip or break during the span of the first two to three weeks.

2. Purchase a few hats and scarves.
If you’re going to be on the beach a whole lot, it’s best to pack a few wide-brimmed straw hats. Those large hats are classic, stylish and instantly make any woman look a lot more fabulous. Scarves are nice for the times when you don’t want anything in your face or covering your eyesight. It’s also great for the times when you’d like to sit out and get a full tan from head to toe.

3. Purchase a wig.
Many women don’t want to deal with the hassle of doing their hair every day of the vacation. Many women love the ease of extensions or braids. If you don’t want anything too tight, consider purchasing a wig. Many African American wigs work perfectly for women of color who want to enjoy a protective style without the commitment of braids.

4. Bring a few beauty products.
Since it’s vacation time, try to avoid putting on a full face of makeup every day. It’s easy to enjoy a bright, bold lipstick, a coat of mascara and a little bit of BB or CC cream. Stay hydrated and moisturized with lots of water and good lotions. Other than that, it’s best to keep it really simple.

With these tips, it’ll be easy for any woman to enjoy the ease of vacation and still maintain an effortlessly beautiful look. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try a new wig color or a bolder lip. It’ll just add to the glamour of the whole trip! Have fun being the beauty of the beach!

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You Can Be Fashionable On A Budget

We want to be fashionable, yeah I get it. But in today’s world if you won’t be extra careful of how much you are spending or what you are spending with, believe me you will be in total trouble. You don’t want to be empty handed. Right? So I guess these tips can help a little.

Before shopping, check your budget first, do you have $100 extra or just $50? And think a million of times if you really need extra clothes right now to wear but if you have enough then think a million of times again. Don’t be impulsive, because even though you skipped the nice expensive dress, you might end up shopping for cheap ones and you did not notice the total amount that you shopped for numbers of clothes was just the same amount of shopping the expensive dress. I mean, my logic is that it is better to buy the expensive dress but you are sure with the quality than buying lots of dresses and clothes but the quality is just so cheaper

Second to look is all the clothes and stuffs that you already have, people tend to accumulate things or hoard stuffs without realizing the bad effect on it. Review the stuffs that you have, let’s say how many blue tops you have, how many t-shirts that you have but no date worthy clothes. Do you have more sandals? Or tennis shoes? Then check if the things that you really need.

This tip is always recommended if you have clothes you are not wearing at all and you think that someone else out there might find it useful. SELL IT!

Do not use any credit card; it is better if you always have Cash with you especially if you are easily got tempted to shop more. With credit card you may not be able to control it, it is easy to swipe but with cash you can budget it all, of course you don’t want to walk on your way home especially that your house is located miles and miles away from the mall.

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