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My New Lens

I can’t believe I lost numbers of eyeglasses already, oh well one is broken but recently since my head is aching very badly these past few months, I decided to get a progressive kind of eyeglasses, which I don’t have to take it off wherever or whatever I am doing. They found out that I have astigmatism so they have to order the lens yet. It took two weeks for me to be able to get it.


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New Pair Of Eyeglasses From IV

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Just recently, I bought  a new pair of eyeglasses since the old one was lost in the Jeepney when my niece brought it at school. Good thing that the ideal vision have some sales for their selected items for eyeglasses, this only cost P1,500.00.

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Got A New Pair Of Eyeglasses

These past few days my head is always aching. I know so well that this is because of my eyes. I have to wear eye glasses when using the computer but because my niece lost my eye glass I have nothing to wear anymore. My friend from the pool invited me for lunch one day and after our sumptuous lunch we roam around the mall. I also need to make a canvass for an eye glass and fortunately we were able to find a store that has slashed off with their frames and lenses. It was so right but I don’t have extra at that moment but thanks to my friend because she let me borrow some money so I could buy a pair of eye glasses. I am so delighted, thank GOD and thanks to my friend because she helped me to wear eyeglasses on that day. I am just so happy. Now my headache is gone.

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Back In Style

It is indeed true that styles and fashion just come and go. If it comes back again, it would probably updated. From clothes to eye shades to shoes, the fashion will revive the classics to suit the modernized lifestyle. With eye shades some updated to a much smaller size, some styles will have round frames and some with smoke lenses. It is also the best if you would buy an eye shades that has a 100% UV rays, you know how sun can be a danger to our eye sight. Our eyes should be protected from sun rays but even so we can still wear our fashion. There are eye shades that are classics yet they can truly evolve with the demands of the buyers.

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