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Finding The Right One

Finally Faith is done with her recital for Matinee and Gala, the purchase of the costumes are not so easy at all besides of budgeting just enough for all those costumes, the finding the right one is just so exhausted plus I brought Faith with me that makes our day so extra tired. I need to bring Faith so the fit will just be enough for her. It was pricey I admit but seeing her perform her best, the money that we spent and the exhaustion when we purchased the dresses were worth it.

Summer is fast approaching, now I am looking forward to enroll her back to swimming and this time we are serious of getting her the right training. Faith is not getting any younger at all, she needs sports for her to concentrate and be focus. So when the school ends this May, we will enroll her for scientific method for swimming, which mean she should be learning the 4 strokes. Lord please helps me do it.

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Wore The Polo Dress A Few Times

I wasn’t, wasn’t I?

But when I bought this Penshoppe Polo Dress, as long it is available in the closet and not in our laundry basket, I would always want to wear it. Why shouldn’t I? It’s comfy, it’s cool and it’s nice to wear it.

 photo 18052596_10212227966070448_1813692175_n_zpsro2xvhvv.jpg

Wore it few times already.

 photo 17498477_10207827957210202_490260140168379332_n_zpswynirild.jpg

I and my friends at work

 photo 17630117_10212032398781388_1464909773002063626_n_zpsmfyyptnk.jpg

I wore the same dress in The Griddle

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The Polo Dress From Penshoppe

I am not good into wearing dress, everyone I guess knew that already but one day, I realized that it’s time for me to change my outfit oh at least once in a month. So one day I decided to window shop for a dress, I was looking nothing fancy just a normal dress that I can wear anywhere. And then I saw this dress in Penshoppe, it’s not the usual dress you can see in your normal days but it is a Polo Dress.

Polo Dress is quite trending this month, maybe because it is summer already. We want something comfy to wear and fit to us right? So this Polo dress is just so perfect. I didn’t buy the Polo Dress right away, I went to different stores, different boutique and different malls but I didn’t find something that matches the quality of the Penshoppe in Abreeza Mall, the fabric is just right, it is not too thin too, for me it is perfect.

I was afraid that when I’ll get back there, the Polo Dress I really like is already gone. I don’t want to hear the “Oh, we don’t have stock anymore”. I was literally praying when I went there, and my heart skipped when I didn’t see it on the display. Good thing the staff just approached me and asked what I was looking for. I told him right away the Polo Dress that was there 3 days ago and he lead me the way, he gave me the Polo Dress I liked and I can’t contain my happiness when I saw it.

Yes, even if I don’t wear that often at work as I planned to do so but I wore it during rest days when I just want to find comfort in myself and chill while driving my kids to malls and wherever place they liked.


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Two Dress In One Day

Last December 19, Faith joined two parties, the first one in the morning is in Kaakbay. Good thing, she has a dress that she seldom wearing so that’s the one she wore in the morning. We just brought the new dress in the car for her to wear in the afternoon. She wanted the new dress in the morning but I did not agree because I am sure she will get messy after she ate a meal there, it is better to be ready than of going home right after the Kaakbay. The party in the school will start at 1:30 p.m. so we really have to be on our way after the party in Kaakbay.

 photo 41e294e1-9cb3-46b7-b0df-2499392c7467_zpsf0a2cee4.jpg

This is the dress that she wore in the morning, she just posed for a while for this car as she finds it nice and pretty.

 photo 72140c53-bc83-47f3-b148-91f198c6e1d3_zpsed2e08d6.jpg

Faith and I together with her teacher.

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