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Discount From A Not So Big Store

Darn it!

I was not able to work last night due to dysmenorrhea, mine is actually weird the pain is in the back below the waistline and I could not even walk, I stayed in my bed for almost the whole day and almost the whole night too. So when I got up this morning, my head is heavy. I still felt in the back but I can now move around. On the other hand, this is my latest haul; I bought this pair of jeans on February when I felt the need to buy a pair jeans. Of course when I do shopping for myself, I always make sure that I will get a discount out of it. So this pant from Bunny is only P 300.00 from P800. 00. I bought this in Center Point, a not so big store.

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A Discount Out Of A Discount

So before the mall burn down, I tagged along my eldest daughter to shop for the things she will be wearing in their Christmas Party. We bought the pair of shoes that she has been eyeing when we went there the first time. Good thing it was on sale, I got more discount since I have the rewards card. But before she decided for the shoes, it took her a while to pick what she really wants.

Finally she took this pair of shoes  after almost of one hour roaming around.

But I wonder why she did not wear it after she wore it on the Christmas Party.

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10% Discount For Alteration In SM

Do you need to alter your newly purchased jeans from SM, oh well SM offers 10% discount off if you need to alter your pants, all you need to do is present your SM Global Pinoy card and you are set. This promo is valid only until August 31, 2017.

How to get the SM Global Pinoy Card:

If you have a relative abroad who keeps on sending you money, you are qualified to apply for the SM Global Pinoy Card just show your remittance receipt, fill up the form and viola you can now avail all the offers from SM Global Pinoy.


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Malls Are Now Starting To Have Mall Sale

In two months time, school will welcome the school year for 2017 to 2018. So some of the malls are now starting to make some noise with their discounts and promo especially with their school supplies. Good thing that my kids school will have their opening on July yet so we still have most of the time to chill. But I am already checking some school materials for the kids, not to mention that I need to buy the kids their school shoes. And I intend to do that next month especially when Mj will be using the close shoes with a little high heel. Gosh, I can’t believe that she will be in senior high soon! I can’t be more excited

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