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Coin Purses For Sale

This hobby was started when one of the parents at Faith’s school teaches them how to make a coin purse out of beads. The beads were free and so they grabbed the opportunity. My sister was able to make like 3 or 5 coin purse so that first experience, lead my sister to pursue. My other sister was amazed too, so sister Merlyn taught her how, now they are partners for this small business. I purchase some of the coin purse to be given away to some of my friends.


These 3 coin purses were already given away to my friend Joyce and her two kids. I was so happy that Joyce was able to come here last Sunday since it has been like weeks that we were not able to see each other.


And these big wallets and coin purses are already sold out, one parent from school ordered 10 big wallets and 6 coin purses.

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I Finally Gave Them My Small Gifts

I am just so happy that my friends went here today because I was able to give my small gifts to them; I gave them a coin purse for this holiday season. And I am so happy they both love it. Joyce asked me if she could order not a coin purse but a coaster and place mats from my sister. A possible client will come its way to my sister since she is the one who is making those beads, I am sure she can make a coaster and place mats as she has been making some key chains and ornament for the Christmas Tree. I think I will have to support her for the beads since she said she is running out of beads again. I hope this business would prosper for my sister; she really needs some extra money since her daughter will be going to college soon.

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Beads Coin Purses


A coin purse for you from me, this is out of sweat but we enjoyed it making those. This Christmas I may gave all my friends a coin purse, I hope they will like my simple gift.

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I Finally Bought A Wallet And Coin Purse

I am a kind of person that I just buy things when the one I have is torn apart or could not be useful anymore.

Just like the wallet and coin purse I had, I guess I just bought it last year and it looks like it was attacked by a twister because it is already ripped and the leather is peeled off. My friends were already telling me to replace it even my sister suggested so.

And so just before I fetched my daughter, I went to the mall to buy the wallet that I love. I roamed around, trying to spot the style that I would like to have. I just told the remittance store that I will have to get back for them after they process my money so I won’t waste my time to wait for them. I was in a hurry to really get out from the mall but I have to buy a wallet, coin purse, vitamins and have to pay my bills too.

It was already almost 4:00 p.m., but I still could not find the wallet I like. Until I found the Reviera booth, the have quiet varieties of styles but they only have selective colors, they mostly have brown or black and I want the color that matches my bag.

Anyway, since I really really need a new wallet and coin purse now, I just picked the color black. I have no time to be picky about colors, I guess I need to choose what is available or else I’ll be stock there for long and I can’t fetch my daughter.

They said Reviera, even the second class, the one I bought was a second class, or class B has good quality and durable. The lock is not a snap button but it looks like a belt to lock it, you just have to press it and slide. Bi fold of course and you can place many cards as well, as it has a division for cards and bills.

I also bought a coin purse since the one I have gave up, it is color black and Reviera as well.

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