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Widgets For Our Blog

I enjoy blogging; it’s one of my favorite things to do. Often my husband will tell me to go to bed and I will tell him I just have a few more things to finish up in my blogs. One of my favorite things I love about blogging is designing my blogs to be attractive and manipulating the content of my website.

Widgets/accessories for moving content around like a slider for wordpress would certainly come in handy. A tool like a SlideDeck plugin will allow me to do this on a WordPress hosted site. As I mentioned I enjoy blogging and making my site attractive and being able to easily manipulate and move my continent, these types of tools let me do that.

One thing I enjoy about blogging, I can express my views, let people know about what is going on with my kids and basically just tell stories. Let’s face it, I find blogging to be fun, but when it becomes easy to move things about on my site, it helps me by requiring less time and effort on my part and not having my husband tell me it is too late and I should come to sleep.

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Website Maker

One of the things I had to learn when I began blogging was how to make my website attractive. I needed a lot of help to get it the way I wanted. I wish I could have found an easy website maker, to assist in getting my blogs up and running. It took me a while to get my sites the way I wanted and I really was not happy with the headaches I had to go through when I first started. If I would have known of a website or service that could have helped me to do it and make it easy, I certainly would have taken advantage of it.

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Busy Kids, Busy Moms

I am going out again, grrr what’s new? I am always going anyway to do my chores as a Mom. But sometimes I really don’t wanna go out, I just wanna stay here at home to do blogging and to play with my little toddler but anyway this is the life I choose when I decide to let my daughter joined KUMON, I did not regret, sometimes I just wanna rest.

On the other note, the competition is fast approaching and I am wishing the kids the best of lucks. I hope they can break their time during Milo Competition and at least can get a position for the said competition. After this competition, they must prepare for DCAA meet on October and when the kids are busy, the moms are busy as well.

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I have so many things I need to do here, but I am always running out of time. Any minute now, I have to prepare for fetching my eldest daughter to school to send her for her training. I should have finished all my blogging stuff earlier then if only my computer has not gone crazy. I am not sure if this was due to a virus or what, I’d been trying to scan for virus but until now Avast still did not detect any, I tried to scan my external hard drive, it might got infected of a virus, but there’s none, I run the malware bytes and there’s none as well. I think I have to ask my husband regarding this, anyway, I have to start to run my errands now. CIAO!