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How To Hide That You Were Sleepless

If you have dark circles under your eyes.

Use Tea Bags. Put one tea bag each of your eyes. The tea bags should be chilled and drained and you should place the tea bag over your eyes for 5 minutes. This will tighten the blood vessels. It would help you to lessen the dark circles under your eyes.

Unlike with puffy eyes, the concealer should be applied before the foundation if you have dark circles. Remember you are correcting the color, so the rule is concealer goes first before the foundation.

Color correct. For darker skin tone, red lipstick is the answer. If you have a triangle shape, pat your products on in thin layers so to cover the dark circles.


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Hiding Proof That You Didn’t Get Any Sleep Last Night

With Puffy Eyes

You should keep things cool!

You can press a spoon against the puffs of your eyes; spoons tend to have a cold metal to minimize the swelling. If you don’t have chance on pressing spoon in the puffs of your eyes, you can put slices of cucumber on your eyes while you drop off to sleep.

Put foundation before concealer. 

Just add light to the shadows, no need to fix much discoloration.

Put a shade using concealer but put it lighter than your foundation

To get rid of the puffiness, bring up the sunken shadowy area. You can choose to use a highlighter as long as it is not the shimmer kind.

Bake it on

Balance the light and dark, if you were able to achieve it. Do not let it melt off. Apply a translucent powder and let it for few minutes. Once the concealer is set, you can use a fluffy face brush to dust off the excess powder.


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Puffy Eye Bags Differ To Dark Circles

I worked night shift, so most of the time I don’t get enough sleep. And it sad to say, it shows in my eyes. I wanted to hide it but I don’t know how, good thing that recently I oftentimes bought a fashion magazine, which one article provided tips on how to  hide that you didn’t get sleep last night. There were two kinds of these that shows up you didn’t get sleep last night. These are puffy eye bag and dark circles.

Puffy eye bags are that shows up a crescent moon shape and it would swell below your eyes. A sunken outer rim would show up too, it would look shadowy since there it doesn’t hit by a light.

Unlike Puffy eye bag, dark circles are shadowy rims and it would appear below your eyes. Since the color is dark it will appear slightly sunk.


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Things To Do And Don’t With Your Bestfriend

There are many things that you can do with your best friend and one of these is revamping your best friend’s room or her closet. You don’t have to spend money on helping each other revamp each other’s wardrobe. I am telling you, it would be fun, it is tiring but nothing will be a dull moment whenever you are with your best friend right? You can also help her turning her mom’s old denim to a something new, let’s say old denim to a DIY ripped jean.

It is indeed fun to share things to each other with your best friend but hold it, not all. Yeah, because you should not be sharing make up because it can easily share bacteria. Bacteria can transfer with just seconds, so instead of sharing make up or lipstick. It would be better if you get both the same color of lipstick; matching lipstick is a squad goal too!


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