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Blue Bag For My Birthday

It was my birthday last 23rd of October. I was roaming around the mall, checking what the things to buy for my birthday are. I thought of a pair of jeans but I bought one this year, a top perhaps? Oh well bought two tops on summer so I guess I will have to go to the bag section. I was eyeing for Parisian brands; obviously, it is because my favorite celebrity endorsed it. My budget was less than P 500.00 but I also don’t to risk the design, I am not picky of how the bag looks like, I am depending with my instinct. I picked one, it was a black bag with chain holder but when I saw the other design, and I got confused which one to pick. I even asked the sales lady to help me choose and both of them choose this:

 photo 14910303_10210492533645722_5347184074561227649_n.jpg

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Building Brand Recognition with Everyday Necessities

Brand recognition is essential to building a solid and loyal customer base. You need people to recognize your company’s logo and associate it with your products or services. While you could hand out business cards or even pay for advertising online and in the media, you may find it easier and cheaper to build brand recognition by literally carrying your logo with you everywhere you go. You can get your company’s name, colors, and slogan in front of as many eyes as possible by emblazoning it on practical items like promotional cotton sailor tote bags and other gear that you can carry with you everyday.

Toting Your Brand

Lightweight and washable handbags serve practical purposes in your busy professional life. You may need to carry any number of items with you on a daily basis. Things like paperwork, pens, your laptop or mobile device, and other business supplies may not fit into purse or briefcase.

Carrying a briefcase likewise might put a dent in the image you are trying to project to your public. For example, if your business sells products like cosmetics or housewares, you may not look the part by carrying a dark, somber briefcase with you everywhere you go. You may want to look more relaxed and approachable to your customers. A tote bag is something your own customers may carry with them everyday, which can help you break the ice and connect with them on a more comfortable level. They will see your tote and know that you are not much different than they are.

Totes are also practical to carry because they can typically be easily washed. As you run errands or meet with clients you may spill your drink or get food stains on your bag. You can put it in your washer when you get home and easily use it again the next day. The bag will not shrink or need special care like ironing.

Promoting with Giveaways and Gifts

When your customers see your tote, they may ask you how they can get one for themselves. You can build favor with your public by giving totes away as gifts.

People who win or are gifted with one of these bags will use it in their own lives. They also will prefer your company over your competitors.

Embroidered bags are a great way to promote your brand. You can build recognition and trust with your public.

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Bag And Shoes Repair

It is my day off today, thank GOD. It’s time for me to send Faith to school. So even though I needed to sleep I still have to wake up early in the morning. After I sent her to school, I brought with me my bag and shoes that needs repair. I was thinking I might going to spend a hundred bucks or more but to my surprise I only spent the total of P50.00  for both already. Isn’t it amazing. It is not inside the mall but I am already aware of the quality that this repair man had. I am confident with his skills so I didn’t have to doubt at all. Now since I miss my bag for how many months already it is time for me to wear on. I don’t have to spend money to buy a bag because the repair man helped me a lot.

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Brighten The Gloomy World

Don’t just get plain and get bored only because the world is so gloomy.  Unwind and go to the mall, you don’t have to shop when you don’t have money. If I am bored especially during rainy season, I would usually go the mall and would go to bags department. I just find them so colorful that it would brighten my gloomy world. As I said you don’t have to buy when you are out of budget, you just have to look for new vibrant colors of bags. You might want something that you could buy when the money is right. To choose a bag with this stormy weather, look for fashion prints, something that could bring out the fun despite of,  or a stylish and compact bag for a day full of fun. Adjustable strap that would allow for an over the shoulder look can make the best out of you. If you are opt to the gym with this stormy weather, look for a bag that are zippered pockets, interior slide and zipper and front open pockets, surely enough this could be more convenient storing all the things that you would like to bring when you sweat out to the gym.

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