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Brighten The Gloomy World

Don’t just get plain and get bored only because the world is so gloomy.  Unwind and go to the mall, you don’t have to shop when you don’t have money. If I am bored especially during rainy season, I would usually go the mall and would go to bags department. I just find them so colorful that it would brighten my gloomy world. As I said you don’t have to buy when you are out of budget, you just have to look for new vibrant colors of bags. You might want something that you could buy when the money is right. To choose a bag with this stormy weather, look for fashion prints, something that could bring out the fun despite of,  or a stylish and compact bag for a day full of fun. Adjustable strap that would allow for an over the shoulder look can make the best out of you. If you are opt to the gym with this stormy weather, look for a bag that are zippered pockets, interior slide and zipper and front open pockets, surely enough this could be more convenient storing all the things that you would like to bring when you sweat out to the gym.

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I Finally Received My Bag

 photo IMG_2306_zps91b38ed9.jpg

It was last week of August that the staff of an online shopping sent me the code. It was the new code because the one that they gave me last was not working at all. It took them a while to replace the code but it’s okay since I really need a bag this time. So I encoded the code to the online shopping and after 3 days the bag was sent to me. I could not contain my happiness, I’ve got a new bag that is free!

 photo IMG_2305_zps922511cd.jpg

This is the brand of the bag. The bag is big enough for all my stuffs, I always like bags that is big so I could I put all my stuffs inside. I just like it, I flaunt it right away the first day I received my bag.

 photo IMG_2304_zpse507e2e5.jpg

Here’s the bag, I received it with wide open arms

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My New Brown Bag

I had been planning to buy again another bag but sigh I just didn’t have budget this time. One friend in FB is selling some bags, at first I was just looking at it but later she messaged me if I am interested with her bags. I just told her to send in some bags for me to see and I like this one below.

 photo HPIM2707.jpg

What I love about this bag is the wide space inside, there is like padding in the bottom so your things are organized and well-arranged. I hope this would stay with me for a long time.

 photo HPIM2706.jpg

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Semi Satchel and Weekend Bag

I need a wide bag so I can store all the things that I want to bring. Yes even though I am not working already, I still have so many things inside my bag. The bag that I shopped last December is so small for me. So every day I keep on re-organizing my things to have all the things arrange in my bag. Recently, our neighbor offered me a Lacoste Bag, when I asked if I could have it and pay later she said yes. She brought the green Lacoste bag yesterday but it is too large so I asked to bring me a medium size and the color brown and she did this morning. After doing my Zumba she is already in our gate, delivering my new Lacoste, medium size bag. For me it looks like a weekend bag because of it space but it is with style so it is like semi weekend and satchel kind of bag.

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