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My New Brown Bag

I had been planning to buy again another bag but sigh I just didn’t have budget this time. One friend in FB is selling some bags, at first I was just looking at it but later she messaged me if I am interested with her bags. I just told her to send in some bags for me to see and I like this one below.

 photo HPIM2707.jpg

What I love about this bag is the wide space inside, there is like padding in the bottom so your things are organized and well-arranged. I hope this would stay with me for a long time.

 photo HPIM2706.jpg

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Semi Satchel and Weekend Bag

I need a wide bag so I can store all the things that I want to bring. Yes even though I am not working already, I still have so many things inside my bag. The bag that I shopped last December is so small for me. So every day I keep on re-organizing my things to have all the things arrange in my bag. Recently, our neighbor offered me a Lacoste Bag, when I asked if I could have it and pay later she said yes. She brought the green Lacoste bag yesterday but it is too large so I asked to bring me a medium size and the color brown and she did this morning. After doing my Zumba she is already in our gate, delivering my new Lacoste, medium size bag. For me it looks like a weekend bag because of it space but it is with style so it is like semi weekend and satchel kind of bag.

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I Have A New Tote Bag

The bag that I always used recently was faded off, and since I’d been a good Mom and a good wife or at least that is what I always thought of, I treat myself for a nice bag. I wanted to buy the leather type but my sister notices this bag from heart string, which has a neat design although it is not leather. Anyway since the sling bag was only like P300.00 I also bought one for my sister, in which she was so happy about. She even shouts it out in FB how thankful she was for the early Christmas gift. This tote kind of  bag I choose is spacious enough for my book, my notebook, my make-up pouch, folded umbrella and wallet. Yes I am not working nor studying but I need all of those to complete my day while I am out to send my kids.

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The Trendy Tote Fashion Bags

We are living in a world of fashion where we want everything we do, wear and carry to be trendy. Women always value fashion bags and they always want their bags to match to the clothes, shoes and the jewelry they wear. Tote bags are not left behind fashion too. These bags are used by women all over the world making them very popular, the tote bags are known for their ease of usage and the fact that it gives women a large storage space is an added advantage. Remember, this bag fits almost every woman be she a housewife or a working lady. This bag forms an essential part of the female world because normally they simply cannot leave their homes without a tote. Many people still believe that these bags are distasteful and old fashioned. But if you look at some of the modern tote bags available in the market today you definitely will beg to differ with them in opinion.

The modern tote bags are not only comfortable and spacious, but they are also very stylish and chic. Nowadays, fashion-conscious ladies are from time to time spotted carrying these bags in different colors and designs. The totes are available in a wide range of materials making them very flexible on price. A lady whose interest is a low cost tote to help her in carrying her things can decide to buy one made of cloth materials. But there are also totes made of shiny-leather, canvas and many more Eco-friendly materials. The leather totes are the real eye-catchers they can be your wonderful accessory that you may carry with you when going to any function and of course with a perfect dressing match. These bags if well selected will complement your outfit and enhance your overall look too.

Tote fashion bags have very many benefits that come with them, the biggest advantage of these bags being that they can provide you with a large storage space ever! These bags come in handy whenever you’re planning to go for a weekend trip, you can carry your tablet, credit card, smartphone, iPod, cash, money purse, tickets and much more and still you get space for you extras. The modern tote fashion bags have several pockets to enable you put your very important items from the rest so that you can access them easily when required.

It is worth noting that, the tote bags work great for new mothers too especially when they are taking their babies out for a walk. These bags are very versatile in nature. You will be able to keep your baby’s nappy, milk bottle, pads and other baby items inside your tote bag with ease. Remember, there is no end on how you can use your totes to meet your specific requirements.

In the past, totes used to be designed for middle aged women who were not concerned about any fashion trend. But with change in time, we have trendy designer totes that you can boast of and take to a party; these bags are available everywhere like shopping malls and high end boutiques, you can also shop for them online. The bags can help you to create a fashion-statement and also flaunt your attitude. Therefore, the humble totes of the yesterdays have reached their end, but they have given birth to the exclusively designed trendy totes to cater for the changing fashion requirements of a modern woman. These bags will surely make you stay and evolve with fashion. When shopping for the tote bags make sure you choose your bag well so that it complements and rhymes with your age and body type and remember to carry a complementing fashionable tote that will enhance your personality and give you a high self-esteem.

When you search and shop online for these bags, you will be able to find a plethora of options that you can choose from. For the best results your choice should be based on the material, interior and exterior design, storage space, number of pockets, and of course color.

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