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The Trick Or Treat Event in Gaisano Mall

Faith was so happy that she was able to join the trick or treat in Gaisano Mall, everything was so smooth especially when the one who invited us was my niece. Check all the amazing kids who joined the fun here.

The costumes were very interesting. Faith had so much fun checking their fantastic dresses and scary costumes. We were able to see Valak in a child. Faith wanted to be adventurous by trying to put blood on her face just like some of the kids there but sad to say it looks more of a lipstick than a blood so we removed it right away.

Sad to say that they didn’t have a contest for the best costume, which is a good thing because we were not that prepared. Faith’s costume is from a thrifty store from last year, we just innovate to be more like a nerd witch, oh well that’s how she call it.

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New Goggles For Her

Faith doesn’t have goggles and she needs it for her swimming. She was struggling when she swim during their P.E. because she doesn’t have goggles. I bought one for her when I have the budget but too bad it reached 2 weeks before she used it because they don’t have P.E. for two weeks already. They have to give way with their Buwanang Wika and Exam.

Mj wanted to borrow Faith’s goggles but Faith said that she have to use it so she can swim well. Oh well, I just have to buy another one for Mj especially now that she’s back on training for their DAPRISA.

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This is the new goggles of Faith, yes it is not pink as she doesn’t like pink but she said this one looks like for boys. Geez, she always complains.

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Our Main Destination Once We Are There

My husband’s family lives in Florida and so that’s our main destination to visit once our papers get approved. We had been planning for this a month ago, in fact we are already checking at Orlandoescape for a hotel to stay in when we are there, it is not that his family is not offering a place for us to stay but with kids in tow, it is best for us to rent a hotel near Disney.

Things To Do In Orlando would be visiting the fairies, Mickey mouse and the like, we don’t want to disturb my husband’s family when the kids want us to hopped in at Disney early in the morning or everyday, well I don’t blame the kids from wanting to see these characters since that is their ultimate dream ever.

But we have to find affordable hotel rates, so we could not visit not only Disney but the Universal Orlando resort and all those theme parks that my husband is telling me about, I am sure with Orlandoescape, we will never go wrong. I could see they are offering free breakfast, free programs for kids and free transportation for all those tourist attractions. If that would happen, that would be the greatest vacation getaway ever with my family, I hope it would be realized soon I couldn’t wait.

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