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Before You Decide For An Acne Treatment

I am worried of my daughter’s pimples and acne going out everywhere on her face. She have a very delicate skin unlike mine, I didn’t have much problem regarding pimples and acne when I was growing up. She told me it triggered so much when I transferred her to a new school. I recommended already so many things, soap, moisture soap, foaming wash but none of them work. I told her she should only be using one brand so it will work. I gave her a certain brand this time and I hope it will work.

Acne caused so many different things like dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. To choose a product can be so tricky and overwhelming so make sure that if you choose one. You have to check if it has these ingredients:

  1. Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil is one of the strongest blemish – fighter since it removes skin impurities. It also has soothing combination so it doesn’t strip off the natural oils in your skin.
  2. Salicylic Acid – It is kind’a beta hyrdroxy acide that has antibacterial properties that prevent unclogging your oil filled pores. It can also help you exfoliate dead skin cells.

These are only one of the things you need to check when you are deciding for an acne treatment. I tell you this can help you check for a better one especially when your skin is very sensitive like my daughter.


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Advil For My Acne

I hate my pimple, it grows bigger and bigger every day. My husband suggested to put a warm compressed water on my nose and somehow pop it but I can’t it would be too risky and painful. My niece suggested of an Ice damped on my nose but I just ignored her. Until my niece Moreen told me about Advil, I mean what I have now is not pimple anymore but Acne. It is a good idea; I mean it is logical for me that somehow an Advil can work alright for my pimple. So I bought an Advil, get a needle and poke the capsule for the liquid to leak. And then I put the liquid of the Advil to my nose. It is itchy at first but it seems like it is working. I hope it would really work so I don’t have to go to a dermatologist because I am sure they are quiet expensive.

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I Have A Big Pimple On Top Of My Nose

Yeah, of all part of my face, the pimple has to land on top my nose. And this is not like an ordinary pimple that is small; it is so big that I could even see it in my two eyes. There were days last few weeks that I don’t wash my face, I guess this is one of the reasons why I got a pimple. It has been a while now that I don’t see any pimples in my face and here I am today. So for it to dry on its own, I am trying to wash my face before I sleep, even how sleepy I am, I really have to take time for my face. My husband suggested getting a cloth and soaking it in a hot water, and then I will touch the cloth to where my pimple is and poke it right away. Geez, it could be so painful! My niece advised me to get an Ice and damped it in my pimple so it will dry the next morning but I also disagree. I want to take the step by step procedure or slow healing but sure. And yes wash my face, use the face wash that I am using for a while now and let’s see, if it won’t still dry, maybe I really have to buy an ointment for my big pimple on my nose.

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Acne Problem? Use Aspirin

Do you have acne but can’t find any solution for it because you just can’t afford the treatments that the derma clinics are offering? Here’s the simple trick of how to get rid of them without spending a lot at all. Found this in Working Mom January edition

Aspirin contains small amounts of salicylic acid and is anti-inflammatory. Use this mask to revive dull skin, spot treat acne, or lighten acne scars.

Crush three to four uncoated aspirin and mix in just enough honey to make a thick paste. Apply on the face and neck and wash off with hot water after half an hour. Moisturize immediately.

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