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G-Shock And Mossimo

It was about Christmas that I was planning what gifts I will buy for the kids. After a week of thinking, I was able to come up with an idea, I bought them watches.

One of the parents in Kumon whom I was able to befriend with, offered me a G-shock watch, I thought to buy the same brand for Faith but they are all so big for her. Thus, I decided to just buy one for MJ and supposedly sketcher for Faith but when I checked it in SM, the straps are all so big. There’s one but was Mossimo and there’s only one that is available, the one on display. I don’t have to choice but to buy it. So here are the watches I bought for them last Christmas.

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Cheap Blouse And Denim Jacket

Our rest day at work was changed from Saturday and Sunday to Friday and Saturday and since it was the first week showing for Justice League, I and some workmates went to watch the movie. One workmate treat us for snack at S & R I was planning to go home right away after we watched the movie but they invited me to join to go for window shopping at the thrifty market, they are only open at night and they sell affordable clothes, apparel and some accessories. It was the right time because I was really looking for denim jacket. I got too picky, I don’t want to just pick and pick without really thinking of which one I really like. I was looking for a loose blouse too so my belly won’t be too obvious.

On the other hand, the first compile of denim was a bit expensive; my aim at that time was to get a P100. 00 of denim jacket, so we walked and walked until we reached to a pile up of denim that cost only of which is within my budget, how I wish though that they lower the down the price when I asked them but the owner said it was already discounted. I also bought a loose blouse costs only P50. 00. I guess to visit there more often.

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And Now I Felt Complete

I’m a bit excited and nervous when I walked toward the new office I will be working. Yes, I had been accepted again to another BPO company and it was my first day training on Monday. I was ready, all ready but I felt like I was incomplete. I wonder why I felt so incomplete while I don’t posses this thing before I resigned from my previous company. But I just thought with my new company I needed to have this and I felt like craving for it. You know the feeling of wanting it and needing even though it’s not necessary at all but you feel like it’s useless to live in a day without having this so I decided to buy it this week.

The moment I received my earnings, I bought it right away and here it is:


Yes, I am talking about this, just the wristwatch.

Comes my earning last Tuesday, right after I paid our house in Pag-Ibig, I headed off to the mall as early as 10 in the morning to check some wristwatch. I went off to this small boutique and asked from wristwatch. I asked the wrong item because it was way too high, they said it was original. Then I saw that wristwatch in the picture on the other display. It was not that high but it was still more than a thousand bucks and the watch is an imitation to the original. Oh well, it’s not bad at all so I bought it. I didn’t like a too much fancy watch just a simple one and I like the one that I picked it up. Now every time I go out for work I felt so complete. It is not the original but at least whenever I looked at my wrist I can tell the time exactly.

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Boho Look

So aside from wearing Coachella, (that’s the theme of the party that we attended last Saturday) they also have this kind of accessories that my daughter was wondering of, which was familiar to me then later I realized it was a Boho look.

So what is Boho Look?

Bohochic is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, which, at its height in late 2005 was associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in England and (as “boho” chic) actress and businesswoman Mary-Kate Olsen in the United States.

The mother of the celebrant gave all the girls this hair accessory, which for me is very unique, so the friends, classmates and teammates have some reasons to take a selfie.

The celebrant and my daughter

The host and the performer

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