For Your Treat Or Trick Costume

Treat or Trick is around the corner and since I do not have work already, maybe this is the best time to accompany my youngest daughter to the mall but when we talked about it, she said that she thinks she needs to stop doing it because she is almost a teenager. I was confused whether to accept her statement or not because she is always a baby and she can join the trick or treat whenever she wants however yeah I think I need to stop treating her like a baby besides it would save me from spending buying her new costumes.

Nevertheless, of course I am sure some of the Moms out there is very excited to bring their kids out for a trick or treat. Just a friendly reminder, when buying Halloween costumes, it should be fire resistant that includes wig and accessories. If your kids want to have their treat or tricking after dark, they should be wearing reflector so everyone so they are visible. If you plan to buy make up, you should try them first maybe in a small area of your kid’s arm to make sure that they are not allergy to it and I would suggest to buy a nontoxic make ups. After the event make sure to wash them for them not to feel itchy when they go to bed.
Till next time folks!

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