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The Expert And That’s An Advantage

Just this month, my eldest daughter asked me a favor if I can buy and accompany her to the night market. So even I have work the next day, after I tutor Faith I grabbed my bag and off to go. It was an hour (if there’s a heavy traffic) travel on a Jeepney from home to the night market. And since she was still rehearsing with her friends and schoolmates, I waited for her for another 30 minutes. I am not into ukay ukay because I don’t know how to choose the right  one but my eldest daughter, I can tell that she is the expert.

So when she arrives, we roam the place right away and after an hour checking, spying, spotting finally she was able to find one, she exclaimed it was the right jeans and blouse to wear on their acquaintance party, which they set for 1980’s theme. And you know how much we spent, it was even less a hundred! I can’t believe it, I was able to save some bucks! It was indeed an advantage if you have someone in your family who knows fashion with lesser budget.

On the other hand, here’s what we bought.

The blouse we  bought

The blouse and the white pair of jeans we bought

The Davao Panic Band

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We’ll Be Looking For 80’s

Fashion just keeps on evolving, you may thought that those fashion in 70’s and or 80’s won’t be a trend again, then stop because they are just keep on coming back. In 1980’s trend, everything is bold, big and absolutely enchanting. Minimalism for an instance, don’t you know that they were a trend from 80’s? Although there’s a touch of simplicity now compared from before. The style from 80’s when it comes to minimalism fashion was utterly bright and bold, with big pads on the shoulder. This big shoulder pads were proof that they were just as powerful as men, although in the long run during 80’s, punk looks began to show off.

Hip hop fashion during 80’s left a mark too, inspired by some famous stars. Nevertheless, women hip hop fashion during those times were almost the same as men, baggy silhouettes and those athletics designs with bold and bright colors are very impressive in 1980’s.

So many things to check and will give you tip of how 1980’s fashion look like, I am telling you, you will be surprised as me because they were just almost the same as our trend today. Even though there are some that obviously change, but if you would check it thoroughly, there are almost the same.

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