My Eldest Daughter and Her Classy Gown

We looked for a gown just two days before Mj’s best friend’s birthday, it was even so hot that we were on the street trying to find something that is classy and fits to Mj. We were able to find one, finally after like 3 store we went to. The color is rose pink and she looks good on it. When she tried it on, she likes it right away.

After some hips modification, I went in the store to get it a day before the debutante birthday. I had her hair make over and I hired someone to put her make up on. This is the actual result.

Look at how she grown, it’s too fast. I’m afraid I can’t catch up! This was last March and the venue was in Marco Polo.

I am so proud of what she had become now, I can be okay outing with friends but what I don’t give permission of her is having a boyfriend, it’s a no no for us. And I am happy that she is willingly following my rule.

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