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My Eldest Daughter and Her Classy Gown

We looked for a gown just two days before Mj’s best friend’s birthday, it was even so hot that we were on the street trying to find something that is classy and fits to Mj. We were able to find one, finally after like 3 store we went to. The color is rose pink and she looks good on it. When she tried it on, she likes it right away.

After some hips modification, I went in the store to get it a day before the debutante birthday. I had her hair make over and I hired someone to put her make up on. This is the actual result.

Look at how she grown, it’s too fast. I’m afraid I can’t catch up! This was last March and the venue was in Marco Polo.

I am so proud of what she had become now, I can be okay outing with friends but what I don’t give permission of her is having a boyfriend, it’s a no no for us. And I am happy that she is willingly following my rule.

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Quality Skincare Products

People who look great as they age are people who take the time and trouble to take care of their looks. While beauty certainly comes from within, there’s nothing wrong with doing everything you can to stay youthful-looking your whole life long. Film stars in Hollywood know the importance of staying on top of their fitness and skincare regimes, as Hollywood runs an industry that’s based on looking good. That’s why many of the great breakthroughs in beauty maintenance come from Hollywood and the salon experts who cater to the people who work on camera. The good news is, today, anyone can take advantage of the beauty secrets that come from Hollywood, as many of the breakthrough products that slow down aging and enhance good looks naturally are now available in salons and online.

Taking Action Against Aging With Quality Skincare Products

Today women have a great opportunity as far as keeping their looks utterly fabulous, for the long term. There are a range of wonderful products available, like egf cream, skin tightening creams, retinol creams, skin serums and masks that can really enhance the look and feel of your skin. These products use natural ingredients like charcoal, cucumber, honey, almonds and green clay to cleanse the pores and give the face a smooth and beautiful feel. There are also products available that help to promote collagen production, to give the skin an even more youthful feel. All of these products can be found at quality sites online, and they come at prices that are truly affordable.

Make yourself an expert on skincare by studying the techniques used by salons and the great beauties who work in Hollywood.

Why give in to the aging process, when you don’t have to? Get the products you need to keep your skin looking great!

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The Only Thing That Is Constant

Yup, when it comes to fashion, the only thing that is constant is change. It is true, because every month, fashion keeps on evolving but one thing for sure it always go back to whatever trend that the fashion has before. Have you noticed? There are a lot of trends in 70’s that you can see nowadays, they may have modified it a little but you can see that there is a touch from the past. The jeans that were so lose in the bottom that was so 70’s but it came back during 90’s, there are some changes but it surely was trend before. I wonder when it will be trend again. I can’t wait. If you are a type of person that treasures old stuff, then you may have the chance to use it again.  I believe changes will not only apply in fashion. Changes can be applied in life. It is not all bad at all, just like fashion it can give you options and it can make your life even more colorful.

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Seeking Answers About Relationships

Calling a psychic instead of visiting one might not seem like it would offer the same results for the questions that you have, but if you follow a few simple tips and strategies, then you can receive the best results possible. A psychic will channel your energy during your reading. Write down a few questions that you want to ask before calling. For most people, a call to a psychic isn’t free. If you’re prepared, then you won’t have to spend empty time on the phone without saying anything, which can result in a higher phone bill. When you’re moving forward with relationship psychic readings, try to have a clear mind. It’s best to make a call when the house is quiet and no one is at home. Turn off the television, and try to concentrate on nothing but what you’re being told.

Create an environment that is relaxing. Light candles or incense, entering into the reading in a manner that allows you to better think about your relationships and the directions that they are taking. Listen to the words that are offered by the psychic. This can sometimes be hard if you’re told things that you don’t want to hear. However, the psychic is there to guide you and offer the best information and advice. Don’t expect to get any clear answers. Instead, use the information received as a way to develop the paths in your life. Try to read what the psychic is saying. This is often where the answers will be to the questions that you have instead of listening only to what the psychic tells you. When you get off the phone, take a few minutes to think about what you’ve been told. Write down as much information during the reading so that you remember what is said before processing it later.

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