Finding The Right One

Finally Faith is done with her recital for Matinee and Gala, the purchase of the costumes are not so easy at all besides of budgeting just enough for all those costumes, the finding the right one is just so exhausted plus I brought Faith with me that makes our day so extra tired. I need to bring Faith so the fit will just be enough for her. It was pricey I admit but seeing her perform her best, the money that we spent and the exhaustion when we purchased the dresses were worth it.

Summer is fast approaching, now I am looking forward to enroll her back to swimming and this time we are serious of getting her the right training. Faith is not getting any younger at all, she needs sports for her to concentrate and be focus. So when the school ends this May, we will enroll her for scientific method for swimming, which mean she should be learning the 4 strokes. Lord please helps me do it.

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