Year-End Party-Coachella Theme

Our year end party is fast approaching, it will be held in SM Lanang on the first week of December yet until now I still don’t  know what to wear as always just like last year at the previous work, which I end up wearing out of theme outfit even though my friend lend me already her Japanese costume.

My friends and I at work agreed to meet up on Friday to check some Ukay-Ukay goods in Roxas, they said I can definitely find one I would like to wear that suits the theme.

So, what is Coachella? I think I already have this wonders before when my eldest daughter attended a birthday party, the theme on the party is Coachella. So what is really a Coachella costume? Where does this came from?

Coachella is inspired by the music festival; the official name of it was “The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival”.  It consists of both world’s arts and music. It was attended by famous bands and artists. It was originally started back in 1993 when Pearl Jam entered a bitter dispute with Ticketmaster over the service fees and was said it financially targeting fans and artists. So Pearl Jam looked for alternative venues specifically venues without Ticketmaster. At the later part they settled on the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio and were amazed of thousands of people who attended the event.

Coachella has grown to be one of the world’s most love festivals, it becomes a trend and now most of the parties are themed Coachella. The outfit is not hard to follow though; you can wear just anything, summer outfit specifically. I have some in mind but these pictures I found in looks very interesting.

My best picks are these:

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