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Year-End Party-Coachella Theme

Our year end party is fast approaching, it will be held in SM Lanang on the first week of December yet until now I still don’t  know what to wear as always just like last year at the previous work, which I end up wearing out of theme outfit even though my friend lend me already her Japanese costume.

My friends and I at work agreed to meet up on Friday to check some Ukay-Ukay goods in Roxas, they said I can definitely find one I would like to wear that suits the theme.

So, what is Coachella? I think I already have this wonders before when my eldest daughter attended a birthday party, the theme on the party is Coachella. So what is really a Coachella costume? Where does this came from?

Coachella is inspired by the music festival; the official name of it was “The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival”.  It consists of both world’s arts and music. It was attended by famous bands and artists. It was originally started back in 1993 when Pearl Jam entered a bitter dispute with Ticketmaster over the service fees and was said it financially targeting fans and artists. So Pearl Jam looked for alternative venues specifically venues without Ticketmaster. At the later part they settled on the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio and were amazed of thousands of people who attended the event.

Coachella has grown to be one of the world’s most love festivals, it becomes a trend and now most of the parties are themed Coachella. The outfit is not hard to follow though; you can wear just anything, summer outfit specifically. I have some in mind but these pictures I found in looks very interesting.

My best picks are these:

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Essential Accessories For Class Reunions

Just about any item can be purchased in wholesale quantities and at discounted prices. You can save a lot of money buying for an event or supplying an online store by purchasing wholesale lots or pallets of goods. In the fashion clothing and accessories category, wholesale sunglasses are often highly sought after for a variety of reasons.

Promotional Gifts

Sunglasses are small, easy to transport and are both functional and fashionable. For these reasons, many large charities and corporations enjoy handing out sunglasses as a promotional gift during an outdoor even, race, sale or auction event.

Sunglasses are often included in swag bags at sponsored events. They can often be printed with the corporation or event name. Fun, functional and fashionable items like sunglasses imprinted with company or event names help to both gain brand exposure and attain sponsors; this is especially true during events that are held outdoors and on bright, sunny days.

Family or Class Reunions

If you are helping to plan a large family or class reunion, sunglasses are an ideal and necessary item to consider. Many family and school reunions are planned in the spring and summer months and are often held at public state parks, beaches or amusement parks. While personalized tees and name tags are always an essential part of these events, you could potentially save the day by providing everyone with a pair of sunglasses as they arrive. You can buy wholesale lots in one uniform style, or mix it up by purchasing a large quantity of sunglasses in a variety of different styles and colors; it can be fun to see the styles selected by the respective attendees.


Arguably the most common reason people purchase wholesale fashion sunglasses is because they own a brick-and-mortar shop or online store and want to resell the glasses for profit. When purchasing sunglasses with the intent to resell, cost is important. To turn a favorable profit, you should aim to keep costs down and do a considerable amount of market research to see which styles, colors and brands sell well.

Another way to test the market, especially if you are new to the reselling game, is to purchase a mixed wholesale lot with many different colors and styles. A company like Dynasol Eyewear specializes in selling wholesale and customizable lots in a variety of lens options, colors and styles. With a large eyewear retailer, you can purchase mixed lots of retro, cat eye, aviator and round sunglasses and really get a feel for the market.

Whether you need promotional items, are purchasing for a large group of people, or are looking for inventory, wholesale sunglasses are a stylish, affordable, functional and sound investment. Everyone benefits from using sunglasses in their daily lives.

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Cheap Blouse And Denim Jacket

Our rest day at work was changed from Saturday and Sunday to Friday and Saturday and since it was the first week showing for Justice League, I and some workmates went to watch the movie. One workmate treat us for snack at S & R I was planning to go home right away after we watched the movie but they invited me to join to go for window shopping at the thrifty market, they are only open at night and they sell affordable clothes, apparel and some accessories. It was the right time because I was really looking for denim jacket. I got too picky, I don’t want to just pick and pick without really thinking of which one I really like. I was looking for a loose blouse too so my belly won’t be too obvious.

On the other hand, the first compile of denim was a bit expensive; my aim at that time was to get a P100. 00 of denim jacket, so we walked and walked until we reached to a pile up of denim that cost only of which is within my budget, how I wish though that they lower the down the price when I asked them but the owner said it was already discounted. I also bought a loose blouse costs only P50. 00. I guess to visit there more often.

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Five Types Of Cosmetology Supplies To Add To Your Business

Whether you own a salon or style hair at home, it is important to invest in the right cosmetology supplies for your business. You need professional supplies for services such as styling their hair or treating their scalp. If you are not sure where to start, here are five types of cosmetology supplies to add to your salon or home business.

1. Hair Care Products: There are several hair care products you should always have available at your salon. This includes normalizing shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, detangling spray and semi-permanent hair color. Your checklist may also include relaxer, setting lotion and oil sheen.

2. Skin Care Products: A customer may need their scalp treated for itching or flaking. There are specific products you can use to reduce itching and wash away loose flakes. The skin care products include a cooling serum, medicated shampoo and calming scalp lotion.

3. Styling Tools: Are you planning to style hair in your salon? You need the right tools to help them achieve their desired look. Start with several pairs of hair shears, which can be found in different styles and designs. Butterfly clamps, hair pins and crown 360 brushes are also essential to your business. You can create different styles with hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons.

4. Salon Towels and Styling Capes: If you are planning to wash or rinse hair, you need quality towels that soak up a lot of water. The towels are made of cloth to keep your customers comfortable without making a mess. You also need styling capes to prevent hair, shampoo and water from getting on their clothes.

5. Barber Chairs: You are going to need at least one barber chair for your home business and three for your salon. A barber chair makes it easy to wash, cut and style their hair because it can be adjusted to different positions. The barber chairs come in different sizes and designs to accommodate your customers.

You need to make sure your hair and skin care products are available during each session. However, you can also sell these products to your customers to use at home.

You should always take your time when shopping for products, tools and equipment for your salon or home business. It is best to make sure you have the best cosmetology supplies for your customers.

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