And Now I Felt Complete

I’m a bit excited and nervous when I walked toward the new office I will be working. Yes, I had been accepted again to another BPO company and it was my first day training on Monday. I was ready, all ready but I felt like I was incomplete. I wonder why I felt so incomplete while I don’t posses this thing before I resigned from my previous company. But I just thought with my new company I needed to have this and I felt like craving for it. You know the feeling of wanting it and needing even though it’s not necessary at all but you feel like it’s useless to live in a day without having this so I decided to buy it this week.

The moment I received my earnings, I bought it right away and here it is:


Yes, I am talking about this, just the wristwatch.

Comes my earning last Tuesday, right after I paid our house in Pag-Ibig, I headed off to the mall as early as 10 in the morning to check some wristwatch. I went off to this small boutique and asked from wristwatch. I asked the wrong item because it was way too high, they said it was original. Then I saw that wristwatch in the picture on the other display. It was not that high but it was still more than a thousand bucks and the watch is an imitation to the original. Oh well, it’s not bad at all so I bought it. I didn’t like a too much fancy watch just a simple one and I like the one that I picked it up. Now every time I go out for work I felt so complete. It is not the original but at least whenever I looked at my wrist I can tell the time exactly.

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