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A Caption Of My Selfie If Only

We’re in the beach right now and I swear to GOD I am so envious with those ladies out there wearing skimpy swim suits or two piece. I must admit it, my tummy is bloated that I can’t even wear a tight swim wear otherwise I will look like I am pregnant, which is the reason why I don’t see myself in the picture, I would always intend to hide.

How I wish I can be like anyone else out there putting a caption of my selfie like “no filter, no edit, love your body the way it is”

You may just see a duster cover up of your swim wear but that has been trend too long ago about 1920’s. The high waist short and the tank top are always on the go on summer. Prints has been a head turner last 1930 and until now you can see it in the display of every mall. Dresses has prints on it, are always the demure innocent type, it simplicity is the one that makes you wanna wear it.

Many of fashions have been trend before and it comes around this year and maybe on the next few years so stay tuned.


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