The Polo Dress From Penshoppe

I am not good into wearing dress, everyone I guess knew that already but one day, I realized that it’s time for me to change my outfit oh at least once in a month. So one day I decided to window shop for a dress, I was looking nothing fancy just a normal dress that I can wear anywhere. And then I saw this dress in Penshoppe, it’s not the usual dress you can see in your normal days but it is a Polo Dress.

Polo Dress is quite trending this month, maybe because it is summer already. We want something comfy to wear and fit to us right? So this Polo dress is just so perfect. I didn’t buy the Polo Dress right away, I went to different stores, different boutique and different malls but I didn’t find something that matches the quality of the Penshoppe in Abreeza Mall, the fabric is just right, it is not too thin too, for me it is perfect.

I was afraid that when I’ll get back there, the Polo Dress I really like is already gone. I don’t want to hear the “Oh, we don’t have stock anymore”. I was literally praying when I went there, and my heart skipped when I didn’t see it on the display. Good thing the staff just approached me and asked what I was looking for. I told him right away the Polo Dress that was there 3 days ago and he lead me the way, he gave me the Polo Dress I liked and I can’t contain my happiness when I saw it.

Yes, even if I don’t wear that often at work as I planned to do so but I wore it during rest days when I just want to find comfort in myself and chill while driving my kids to malls and wherever place they liked.


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