Clothes Needed For Their Recital

Just before the recital of my two kids, I was already too busy buying the clothes they need to wear. Good thing Mj just needed V-neck T-shirt, but the hard part was looking for the right color needed for the recital. First color she needed was a white shirt, we already went to Jockey in one of the malls, and we could not find anything. We have to hop in for another mall so we can find it, she loves the Jockey brand but they don’t have the color she was looking for. So we opted for another brand, Bench it is and good thing they have one. I thought our torment in looking for this kind of V-neck shirt is ended but lo and behold it did not, the next few days she asked me again to buy her another V-neck shirt and this time it is the color maroon. To make sure that we have varieties of boutique we can go in one mall we went to G-mall. Mj spotted this boutique right away and thank GOD, she found the V-neck she is looking for with one glance. We bought it right away.

Faith needed dress too. I had Mj with me when we were looking for red dress, we found one and I think it was good already I mean the price is right it’s not very expensive but they said the dress is not nice. I don’t care at all as long as she has something to wear in the recital. Few weeks later, her teacher told me a green dress she has to wear on their choral. Geez, I and Faith need to go to the mall again to buy her the green dress, I had enough budgets so it was okay for me if it is a little bit pricey. And I guess this time, she likes it.

 photo 17409539_10211934881063506_1064253528_n_zpsnomplrf7.jpg

The not so pricey-red dress

 photo 17021569_10211723097049038_4291181648003450897_n_zpsebvfqq3s.jpg

Faith on her red dress

 photo 16939003_10211720345740257_4466675690888726602_n_zpsgknuuwir.jpg

Her Stripe Green Dress

 photo 17103698_10211723096809032_4559219346867534101_n_zps7u1gqz4u.jpg

Faith posed for a moment for Mom

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