She Knows What’s Good In Her

Yesterday after the contest for literary, declamation category, I promised Faith I will buy something new for her. She asked a pair of pajama but I was thinking of something else. I mean I already bought a pair of pajama for her just recently; another pajama on her birthday will not make it something special.  So we went to one of the malls in the city. She tried some and good thing after of so many tries, she was able to come up with this pair. I did not interfere anymore; Faith like her Dad knows what fashionable and clothes that looks good in her. And with these clothes she chose, how I can say no!

When Faith pose, she poses like a pro, I don’t know who taught her but I just love her effortless show. These clothes are just so cheap, for the pair it only cost me less than P 500.00, bought this from my online opportunity. Geez I miss just staying at home and update my blog.

Here’s another pose from Faith in the mall, after I took her the picture, she asked why I didn’t took the whole heart. I just replied it doesn’t fit at all.

On the other hand, the sunglasses of Faith was also bought yesterday together with the clothes I bought for her.

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